ABS-CBN Lifestyle Asks: Glaiza De Castro, TJ Trinidad, & Alyssa Valdez On Online Dating

ABS-CBN Lifestyle Asks: Glaiza De Castro, TJ Trinidad, & Alyssa Valdez On Online Dating

By Kitty De Leon

Meeting, befriending, and ultimately dating through online apps is becoming especially popular these days, Tinder has shown with 63% online daters going out on dates 1-2 times a week. Such modernity, convenience, and anonymity that technology has fortified thus became a hot topic at the press conference of new romantic movie My Letters To Happy, with the theme centering on the characters of TJ Trinidad and Glaiza De Castro who had acquainted first online.

Together with volleyball star and debuting actress Alyssa Valdez, TJ and Glaiza opened up on their thoughts on how social media is fast changing the romantic landscape these days. And boy do they have something to say!

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For one, Glaiza turned candid and amazed over apps like Tinder becoming an avenue for expression. “It’s okay to try pero it’s important not to depend on it na parang yun na yung last resort mo dahil gustong gusto mo na magka-love life,” she explained.

Alyssa was similarly at ease with the concept of digital-born romances. “It’s very exciting and interesting to meet people in social media, but at the end of the day magkikita at magkikita pa rin kayo so I think you’ll base that relationship on how you two meet in person." For her, a lasting relationship will depend more on personal interaction than online

For TJ, technology has always aided in building relationships and thus emphasized on maintaining these connections instead of worrying over the origins. “If it results to something that’s really an honest and meaningful relationship then by all means…a lot of people, nung wala pang internet, do it with a two-way radio. It’s not a foreign concept. It’s always been that way but it’s in a different platform. People will always try to meet people one way or the other.”

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Dating is dating, no matter where or how it starts, the three agreed. Getting to know someone first via online  should then never be seen as a taboo. All said, no matter their dating method preferences, as Glaiza put it, people should always be sensible. “I think that (online dating and social media apps are) okay, but in everything there’s a certain responsibility, certain consequences and I think di naman siya mag-wo-work sa lahat ng tao.”

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