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In Focus: These K-Pop Stars Are Currently Obssessing Over 'Toy Story'

In Focus: These K-Pop Stars Are Currently Obssessing Over 'Toy Story'


It all started in 1995, when the first franchise of the computer-animated film Toy Story produced by Pixar was released. From Toy Story 1 to 4 which was released last June 21, everyone loved every film released in this franchise since it's not only about toys being alive, but also about friendship, loyalty, and growing up. Needless to say, it's the film that defined our childhood and will always be our go-to films whenever we want to feel like a kid again. 

Given the fact that the first film of the franchise was released in the '90s, it's no surprise that most of its fans are already in their '20s including K-pop idols who have proven that Toy Story is also their favorite childhood movie! From BLACKPINK's Jennie who bought her own Forky to EXO's Suho who has his own Buzz Lightyear shirt, check out the K-pop stars who are currently obsessing over Toy Story


Last January 27, the six-member boy group VIXX dressed up as Toy Story characters for their first fan meeting this year at Jamsil Indoor Stadium. Although this is not the first time that the group cosplayed fictional characters, fans were still the happiest due to the fact that they love Toy Story, too! With Ravi as Buzz Lightyear, N as Potato Head, Hyuk as Rex, Ken as Slinky Dog, Hongbin as Alien, and Leo as Woody, the group even acted like the characters, proudly showing their geeky side when it comes to Toy Story. Adorable is totally an understatement to desscribe this once in a lifetime moment!

2. BLACKPINK's Jennie

This gorgeous 23-year-old idol is a huge fan of Toy Story, and she has shown it numerous times already! Fans even know that one of the best gifts to give her during fansign events is a character from Toy Story, especially the Squeeze Toy Aliens, because they know how much she loves the film. She even went to a Toy Story booth and bought a Forky creativity set which she built and proudly posted on Instagram!

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3. BLACKPINK's Jisoo

Another BLACKPINK member who's a Toy Story fan is Jisoo. Although she's not as open in spazzing about Toy Story like Jennie, she has shown her love for the film in her own ways. During the group's fansign event last June 30, Jisoo was given numerous Toy Story toys including a Woody doll and a huge moving Squeeze Toy Alien which totally brought a smile on her face! We have a feeling that Jennie and Jisoo watched Toy Story 4 together, and we hope they would tell us their review about the movie soon! 

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4. GOT7' Jackson

One of the cutest fancam videos that we saw of GOT7's Jackson is at their Keep Spinning concert in Newark last June 27. The 25-year-old K-pop idol proved that he's still a kid at heart when his co-member Mark gave him the Buzzlightyear stuffed toy that was thrown on stage. Jackson was so happy that he hugged the toy tightly and proudly showed it to all the fans while saying "This is Buzzlightyear!" Everyone who attended the concert couldn't help but fall in love with Jackson more since he can be sexy and childish at the same time! 

5. EXO's Suho

This is something you might not know about Suho, but the EXO leader is actually a fan of Toy Story! He isn't posting anything on his social media about the film, but fans have spotted him buying a Toy Story shirt with co-member Kai at A-land COEX. After a few days, he was seen wearing a Buzz Lightyear shirt which, according to the fans, he wore because he watched Toy Story 4 at the cinemas with his friends. Super leader hyung is such a cute lowkey fanboy!

It's fun to know that these K-pop idols love Toy Story just like us, and we can't blame them because there's just something about this film that attracts all ages. Just like us, we have a soft spot for Woody, Buzz, and the whole crew. Can you relate to any of these K-pop idols? Who's your favorite Toy Story fan? Let us know! 

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