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ABS-CBN Lifestyle Asks LGBTQIA+ Couples: How To Deal With Those Invalidating 'SOGIE'?

ABS-CBN Lifestyle Asks LGBTQIA+ Couples: How To Deal With Those Invalidating 'SOGIE'?

Despite the rain, around 70,000 LGBTQIA+ members and allies came together at the Marikina City Sports Center last Saturday for this year’s Metro Manila Pride March. The event followed the theme #ResistTogether, where the community protested gender inequality, bigotry, and oppression in the Philippines.

For the LGBTQIA+ members and allies, one thing that can take the country a step closer to such movement is the passage of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity and Expression (SOGIE) Equality Bill in the country. It may not have been approved in the 17th Congress, but many remain hopeful that it will be passed in the next one.

While the number of its supporters and champions has increased (the 2019 Pride had thrice the number of last year’s attendees), some still find themselves at odds over the bill. How to deal with them? Some LGBTQIA+ couples have these to say!

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Jake Zyrus: Give them love and understanding as to what LGBTQIA+ is all about. Most of us are brave enough to fight for who we really are. In order for most people to understand us, we need to understand them, love those who hate us, be kind to those who can’t understand.

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Ethan David: Many of those who are currently against us pretend to be Christians. Here, it is easier to be a better Christian than them. The main message of Christianity is love, not hate. On the personal level, I would try to discuss and convince. If the person is close to me, he or she will understand. 

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Jake Galvez: Just spread love and kindness. 

Martin De Leon: We should all remember that first and foremost, we are all human beings and the best way is to show love by being compassionate and caring to them regardless of their beliefs.

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Myrrh Lao To: Pray for them that God touches their hearts and opens their minds. 

Koko Gonzales: Talk about it. Discuss with friends and relatives. Rally allies.

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Renz Pangilinan: I think the people that are against it are just uneducated and full of hate. Just don’t fight, educate them. 

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Carlos Concepcion: We cannot alienate people who have different opinions, otherwise we bring about more hate. We must continue the dialogue. 

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Alexander McCaskill: You can’t cut people off because they have a different point of view or set of beliefs. That only creates division and nothing gets done in that type of environment. Tolerance is key. Sure, you have a right to believe that being gay is wrong. But, I’ll challenge you on that. Maybe one day you’ll change your mind. 

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