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In Focus: Why B.I Is A Vital Member Of iKON

In Focus: Why B.I Is A Vital Member Of iKON


"It's seven or never," cried fans after our dearest B.I got involved in a drug scandal causing his contract termination from YG and departure from iKON. Nope, we are not okay. These are all too much to take in especially for those who were there since he and  the rest of the members Bobby, Ju-Ne, Jinhwan, Yunhyeong, and Donghyuk joined the survival show WIN: Who Is Next in 2013, Mix & Match in 2014, and debuted as iKON a year later alongside Chanwoo. *sigh*

A couple of weeks after Hanbin made his exit, loyal iKONics still haven't given up in rooting for the leadernim to stay strong and change his decision, trending various hashtags like #HANBINSTAYWITHUS, #7OGETHERWITHiKON, #WeAreBIhindYou and #AlwaysBIyourSide worldwide. We can't blame them, knowing how hard he worked to get to where he is now and how much iKON isn't iKON without him. He wouldn't be dubbed as the next G-Dragon if he's not a vital part of the group, right? Hanbin is the only man ever who can make the team complete, and we got reasons why:

He is a great leader.

This isn't up for debate. There will always be just one leader iKON could ever have and that's Kim Hanbin who always try not to cry in front of his members so he can be their strength, who pushes the team to live without regrets, and fight without thinking of losing because he believes that there's no certainty of tomorrow and the best time you can show everything you've got is now or never.

He's the lead rapper.

Bigbang has T.O.P, Winner has Hoony, and, obviously, iKON has Hanbin. We don't care if you're a fan or not but anybody who's heard of "My Type," "Apology," and "Love Scenario" can tell that he is among the most versatile rappers that the K-pop industry can be proud of. His unparalleled flow, wordplay, and delivery can match whatever mood you throw at him. Without Hanbin, the group's hip hop appeal just won't work—we said what we said.

He helps in the choreography.

The idol may be guilty of being strict and a perfectionist during dance rehearsals but what else can we do if that's really his way, as a choreographer, of making sure iKON is at their best every time they take the stage? There's absolutely nothing he can't do, especially if it's for the sake of the group. Raise your hand if you think the world deserves to witness more of Hanbin's talent!

He wrote majority of iKON's hits.

A group can't lose someone who composes and produces most of their songs. At the end of the day, iKON will need Hanbin. In case you didn't know, he's the genius co-writer behind "Dumb & Dumber," "#WYD," "Love Scenario," "Killing Me," "Goodbye Road," and basically the entire iKON discography. Not to brag, but Hanbin has always put his 100% in writing songs in the belief that it's the only thing that he could do to protect and keep the team going as a leader. Stan humble, king.

He brings out the best in iKON.

Nobody can really compete with Hanbin when it comes to inspiring the members to be confident. If one is lacking, he'll be there to stay willingly to practice with them until dawn, compliment their improvement over and over again, and make them believe that nothing is impossible only if you just put your all in it. Remember what he did to Donghyuk? We guess we also need a Hanbin in our lives.

iKON will continue promoting as a six-member group beginning with their scheduled Japan tour this July. We can't believe that we'll be seeing iKON content without Hanbin soon, and we're not sure we'll ever be able to accept it. As far as we know, iKON is 7. The day's going to come when they will all be together again. Anytime you are ready, we're just here waiting, Hanbin-ah. Hwaiting!

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