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Daily Diaries: Things I Wish I Did When I Was In College

Daily Diaries: Things I Wish I Did When I Was In College


When you're in college, a part of you might feel like timing is moving so slowly. Until graduation comes, and you'll suddenly miss being a student while fixing your resume and prepping your cover letter to officially become part of the labor force. As much as I'm happy with who and where I am today, there are still moments when I wished I lived differently when I was in college. 

Looking back, I wish I was more outgoing. I wish I became more comfortable in showing my capabilities. I wish I didn't distance myself from the opportunites that came my way. I'm not sure if it would have made a huge difference in my life now, but I know that it would have made me more excited to hangout with my college friends and reminisce.

In case you're not feeling your college days at the moment, perhaps you might want to consider these things and live your campus life to the fullest.

1. Join an organization. 

One of the things that I truly regret not doing in college was joining an organization. I didn't join not because there was no organization I could relate to, but mostly because I wasn't brave enough to take a risk and try out. I would have loved to become a part of at least a couple of them, but my fear stopped me from doing so. Joining an organization in college would have been a huge help in boosting my self-confidence and harnessing my skills that I now use in a day to day basis at work. I still remember how many times I was asked if I was ever a part of any org during job interviews because it truly matters. 

2. Socialize more. 

I'm happy with the tight circle that I was in when I was in college; everyone was nice and friendly. But looking back, there are times that I do hope that I was more sociable. As much as I loved having a small set of friends, I did have a hard time in some classes where I was not close with anyone since me and my friends couldn't always be in the same class together. If I went out of my comfort zone and didn't shy away in making new friends, I might have enjoyed attending my classes even more.

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3. Spend more time with my friends.

Since I grew up with overprotective parents, my routine had always been home-school-home. If they would allow me to go out, I would be strictly told to follow their curfew and come home at 8pm. Of course, as a responsible daughter, it's rare for me to disobey their rules which was the reason why I missed a lot of trips with friends. From attending a gig of my friend's boyfriend to having a late night road trip, I didn't get to experience those spontaneous lakads with them when I was in college which is something I truly regret we don't have enough time to spend with each other now as adults.

4. Attend school events.

Going back to the fact that it's rare for my parents to allow me to go somewhere with my friends after class, it also included not being allowed to attend school events most of the time. The moments that they allowed me were the times when my friends helped me to ask my parents' permission or when I would tell them that I would go home by 10pm which is, honestly, a bummer especially if the event would start at 9pm and end at midnight like school concerts. That's why when me and my college friends gather and talk about some of the stuff we did during school events, I rarely chime in because I wasn't there. 

5. Become more active academically. 

Don't get me wrong, I absolutely believe that actual grades won't matter anymore once you're out of college and working your way up to your goals. But sometime, I wished that I studied more since one of my goals when I was in college was to consistently be a Dean's Lister. If I succeeded on doing it twice, why didn't I study more to continuously claim it? Well, it's because I wasn't confident enough that I'd be able to do it and just admired the people who did. 

There were a lot of moments that I could have experienced and lessons I could have learned if I wasn't afraid to do things differently before. I wish I didn't take my college days for granted. Although it would be a waste to still regret the things that couldn't possibly change anymore and there's a lot of things that happened that I'm very thankful for, I'd like to remind you to do everything your heart desires while you still can because it's going to be a fun journey to look back on. 

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