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Daily Diaries: 3 Ways To Deal With A Clingy Partner When You’re Not

Daily Diaries: 3 Ways To Deal With A Clingy Partner When You’re Not


By Maan de Vera

According to studies, each one of us have different love languages. While we may love someone to bits, conflict may still arise when you have a different idea of how you want to express or experience love.

There are those who speak love through physical touch, and we often call them clingy. This means that they’ll show you how much you mean to them by holding hands, kissing, embracing, back rubs, or putting an arm around your shoulder. This may seem amazing and butterfly-in-the-belly-inducing, but others are just simply not much of a toucher (yes, not even when it comes to their partners.)

In case your S.O. is clingy, and you're not, you might want to keep these tips in mind:

1. Set your boundaries.

No one knows what your non-negotiables are more than you. There are different reasons as to why one wouldn’t want to be touched often or at all. Communicate these reasons and be clear with where your lines are. The key here is to be honest, direct, and respectful.

2. Learn how to compromise.

The beauty about being in a relationship is that you get to be with a person who is different from you. Sure, you may have similar qualities, but you are still different in many ways like conveying your feelings. Remember that while it is important to set your boundaries, it also important to consider the needs of your partner, too. As in any form of relationship (especially in a romantic one,) comprising is always a must.

3. Re-negotiate as often as necessary.

Embrace change with your partner. There is magic that comes with accepting the contrast in your personalities and that you will not always agree. Speak when you feel uncomfortable. Adjust when the other is. Compromise whenever there is an impasse. Sure, it is easier said than done, but relationships take work.

The truth is being with a clingy partner when you are not is truly challenging. However, it will also introduce you to a whole new version of you. Come to think of it: you get to live the best of both worlds. You can enjoy your space and share it with someone special, too. On the bright side, you will always have someone to hold your hands whether you need them to or not.

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