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In Focus: Lessons Every Fan Girl Should Learn From Kisses Delavin

In Focus: Lessons Every Fan Girl Should Learn From Kisses Delavin


There are way too many reasons why we love Kisses Delavin, and there will never be enough time to enumerate them all. But if you insist, well, we can give you a few. For one, she's a natural beauty who doesn't hide her quirkiness just to fit in. Two, she's an empowered lady who knows what she wants. Three, she's a living reminder that we should always push boundaries any chance we get to make our dreams happen. But, most of all, nothing beats how much she cares for fans.

That shouldn't be surprising knowing that she's a self-proclaimed fangirl herself—a Swiftie, to be exact. Even though Kisses is the star of her own Team Kissables, she managed to keep herself on the same level as they are, talks to them, understands them, and ensures to turn their relationship into a rock solid one. We don't care if you like Kisses or not, but we think that every fangirl should at least hear these fandom lessons we learned from her. This is our girl doing you a favor.

1. Remind your idols that they're doing great, always.

It's a big thing to make your beloved artists feel loved and appreciated no matter how big or small their endeavors are. Attend their movie premiere, stream their music, or just go send them a tweet of support. lt would mean so much them and would motivate them to keep going. That's what Kisses makes sure she thanks her fans for.

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2. Apologize.

Kisses teaches us to own up to our mistakes. Even if the whole world is against you and your idols, don't use it as an excuse to attack people. Defending the fandom in a manner that's degrading for others won't make the artists you love proud of you, remember that.

3. They don't need to be number one all the time.

Don't pressure your idols to always be on top. As fans, you know that they always do their best, so it's just right to tell them that their every effort counts. Or as Kisses has put it, "As long as we do our best for people who will appreciate it, that is enough." Be one of those people.

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4. Don't pit artists against each other.

Many will say that being compared is a given in the showbiz industry. But Kisses doesn't want to be part of that stereotype, even if it means losing a "loveteam." Fandom wars are unnecessary because competition isn't the goal. It's all about keeping a friendly environment and supporting each other.

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You see, there are a lot of things that define being a fangirl much more than having your idols' pictures as your phone's wallpaper. At the end of the day, we're all building a community that serves as a mature, responsible, and accepting support system. There's no question as to why Kisses has a close connection with her fans, because they learned from the best.

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