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Daily Diaries: Here's How I Understood The Timing Of Life

Daily Diaries: Here's How I Understood The Timing Of Life


Life is unpredictable. When you think everything is going smoothly, it suddenly gives you challenges that make you want to crawl back to your comfort zone. Whether it's failing a task or getting into a fight with your parents, I totally get what it feels like to see everything you planned in your life just burst into dust.

But after some realizations, I can now say that I'm in a better disposition. It's not because my life is coordinating with my desires, but because I finally have come to the decision of surrendering myself to the universe.

Through the highs and lows, I've cultivated the belief that everything that I experienced was supposed to happen to mold me to become more, not less. I still don't have all the answers I'm looking for, but I'm at peace with the timing right now. If you're struggling to trust the process of your life, here are four ways to let yourself go with the flow. 

1. I chose to accept my present time.

Something that most of us have in common is the desire to control everything in our lives. By building our own timetable, we unconsciously try to force people to operate for our wants. I was once the kind of person who shove my ultimatums to other people, that's why I ended up getting disappointed without realizing that I'm the one who's expecting too much. I can set boundaries, but I can't make anyone change. The same goes with circumstances wherein I want my situation to change, but I kept on resisting on changing within myself. So now, I'm choosing to accept where I am right at present and make the best out of it because the more I let it be, the more it changes into my favor.

2. I stopped comparing my pacing to others. 

Life is full of surprises. No one really knows what's the next thing that would happen in their lives. I used to always compare where I am to where my friends are. But I learned that we all have different journeys, and what I see in their social media feed doesn't reflect their real lives. When I get so overwhelmed with my anxious thoughts, I just take a minute or two to take myself back to reality, and why I shouldn't be worried at all about my own pacing because it's unique for everyone. 

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3. I didn't let other people pressure me.

Whether it's your parents or your S.O., sometimes, it’s the pressure of the people around you that makes you impatient. I totally get that since it's actually the core of my own impatience. When people ask me how I’m holding up in my situation or when I see them having the things I want, it makes me question life. It then leads me to having a kind of fear that I never thought existed. Now that I understand where my impatience is coming from, I had an easier time letting it go.

4. I acknowledged every good thing that's coming my way. 

No matter how small or big the good things that are happening in your life, always be grateful. From being grateful in having a job that pays the rent to appreciating a family that supports me, I've become more aware of how blessed I am to be where I am right now. Just being able to wake up every morning to have another chance to do better in life is so simple yet highly motivating. In giving thanks and changing my perspective to vibrate positive vibes, the pieces seem to have fallen into place.

Understanding the timing of life saved me from the thoughts that used to stop me from becoming a better person. I finally learned how to let go and trust myself and the universe that I'm making the best decisions as much as possible. There's only so much that we can do at a certain point in our lives. We can do anything, but not everything. And that is 100% okay.

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