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#ChalkChallenge: Mimiyuuuh Plays A Game Of 'Truth Or Dare' With Us

#ChalkChallenge: Mimiyuuuh Plays A Game Of 'Truth Or Dare' With Us


With over 300,000 YouTube subscribers and views that range from 300,000 to 2 million, 22-year-old Jeremy Sancebuche, popularly known as Mimiyuuuh, is currently bringing laughter to the social media world with his fun personality and witty remarks. With his relatable charm, we understand why the internet can't help but adore him!

But besides that, Mimi is also the kind of person who exudes confidence and fearlessness in everything that he does simply because he's true to himself. 

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When we got the chance to spend the day with Mimi, y'all can bet that we were in stitches everytime he cracks a joke! We know you can't get enough of him, too, so we bring you another round of #ChalkChallenge featuring our favorite online star! Watch as Mimi play a game of "Truth or Dare" in the video below! 

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