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In Focus: Pet Accounts To Follow On Instagram For Your Daily Dose Of Cuteness

In Focus: Pet Accounts To Follow On Instagram For Your Daily Dose Of Cuteness


When it comes to social media, there's one thing that everyone can agree on: it's ruled by pets. We're not sure if it's because humans prefer seeing adorable creatures on their feed or these pet owners just got their Instagram-gaming strong, but these animals actually have more followers than most verified accounts!

In case you're a huge pet lover, we're pretty sure you already have tons of pages and accounts that you're folllowing. fluBut in case you need more, here are a few more IG profiles to tap that Follow button on for extra doses of cuteness on the daily!

1. Jiffpom

One of the biggest and first pets who sparked joy in every Instagram users' heart with fluffiness is Jiffpom who already has 9 million followers and a Guinness World Record to boast! Jiffpom is a Pomeranian dog who looks like a plush that honestly makes him hard to spot in a place full of cute toys. He's so popular that he even have his own merch of plush toys, and celebrities follow him including Ariana Grande and K-pop boy group Monsta X!  

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2. Grumpy Cat

The most expressive cat you'll ever see is the Arizona-born cat named Tardar Sauce who is widely known as Grumpy Cat for her resting b*tch face! With over 2.7 million followers, Grumpy Cat started to become popular due to the overflowing memes of her face in 2012 that are used when you want to send someone a 'sarcastic' or 'annoyed' reaction. But don't be fooled—just because she has a grumpy face, it doesn't mean that this fella isn't a sweet feline! If you want to see more of her, follow her Instagram and get lost in her bright blue eyes! 

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3. Juniper

We're sure that you've never imagined that someone can have a fox as a pet. Meet Juniper, the fox who's claimed as the happiest one, is a North American red fox who has been adopted by a set of people who loves exotic animals! If you're worried if he'll hurt the people around him, fear not since Jinuper is raised among fur-farm foxes which makes him more perfect as a domestic friend.  

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4. Pumpkin The Racoon

Another wild animal that's actually taken care of as a pet is the rescued Bahamian raccoon who fell out of a tree in 2014 named Pumpkin. Thankfully, she was saved and ended up in a human family who took care of her and used Instagram to document every adventure she's had since then. From playing with her new-found fam to simply being a cute furry friend, Pumpkin is the most-loved raccoon on Instagram! 

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5. Jill The Squirrel

An adorable squirrel who's also rescued after she fell from her nest during Hurricane Isaac in Louisiana back in 2012, the six-year-old Jill has become an instant Instagram celebrity for everything she does that's so worth adoring! From constantly chewing down every Starbucks napkin she sees to having fun with every person she meets, Jill has reached more than 600,000 followers and counting!

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6. Marutaro

A lovely Japanese Shiba Inu who has over 2.5 million followers, Marutaro is born in Gifu Prefecture and is the most famous Shiba Inu in the world! With fluffiness overload, we're not surprised that this dog has become an internet sensation across the world. He even starred in TV commercials and magazine covers, proving how much Marutaro is loved by everyone who has laid their eyes on him. Just stalk his Instagram account, and you'll definitely feel the urge to meet this fluffball someday!

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Whether you're into cats or dogs, and every furry creature in betweem, as long as the pet is obviously well taken care of, then they're totally worth following and lovin'! Remember that the more fluff you have in your feed, the happier you're day gets!

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