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In Focus: Free Your Mind And Get Toned With Yin Yoga

In Focus: Free Your Mind And Get Toned With Yin Yoga

Love it or hate it, yoga does wonders to the body encompassing people of all ages. In fact, it can be a good alternative to those who aren’t the type to go to the gym. At the moment, the go-to practices we have in Manila to burn fat and get toned are power yoga and hot yoga. However, there is another type that’s recently been gaining attention in the local scene, and appropriately so, for its benefits and potency—Yin yoga.

Yin yoga may seem more passive as compared to “Yang” styles like power yoga, because poses in this practice are often held for three to five minutes. This is because it targets the deep connective tissues of the body, as it often focuses on areas like the hips and the spine. With regular practice, Yin yoga can help maintain flexibility, as well as provide these other notable advantages to the body.

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Lowers stress levels

Yin yoga often times involves having to stay in a pose for over five minutes. This can be quite challenging, even to more experienced practitioners. With proper conditioning of the mind and body to further adapt to this level of focus and discipline, a consistent practice can lead to an improvement in our capability to cope with stress and anxiety.

Encourages you to slow down

Holding poses for a few minutes gives us the chance to experience the present moment and be mindful, by feeling the sensations of your body and focusing on our breaths. This way, your mind tends to forget about what often distracts us such as deadlines and to-do lists.

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Helps our ability to meditate

We’re always preoccupied with our thoughts, and often don’t make time for meditation. During a Yin practice, not only will you experience physical stillness, but this also gives your mind the opportunity to become clear and to see our true selves.

Gives us a chance to sit with our emotions

Emotions, good or bad, are usually stored in our bodies. And during a long pose, it is not uncommon for these thoughts to surface. By doing a Yin practice, you are taught not only to be patient, but also to become gentle and nonreactiv no matter what thoughts cross our mind.

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Improves range of motion

Bad posture, aging, and injuries are main factors that restrict anyone from moving freely. With regular practice of Yin yoga, you hold poses that lengthen your muscles gently, making you more flexible. Putting a little pressure on your joints and connective tissues also help increase range of motion.

Compliments your 'Yang' lifestyle

Most people live a 'Yang,' or a very active lifestyle, and have no time to slow down, resulting to a unbalanced lifestyle, this leads to feeling drained physically and mentally. By incorporating Yin yoga into this type of lifestyle, you can help restore the balance and therefore, live a healthier life!

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