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Daily Diaries: 5 Things That Are More Important Than Your Grades

Daily Diaries: 5 Things That Are More Important Than Your Grades


When you spend most of your days aiming to be the best in your class, it’s easy to get caught up in prioritizing your grades above all else. But, you shouldn't pressure yourself too hard that you forget the other aspects of your life. 

Being a student, getting a good grade is indeed the goal. But your grades shouldn’t define you. We're here to tell you that those marks and numbers aren't the most important things in your life. To be completely honest, the real world doesn’t care if you get perfect scores or receive piles of medals. 

So, instead of pouring your blood, sweat, and tears into being the top of the class, here are the things you shouldn't sacrifice in pursuit of high grades.

1. Your health

When it comes to taking care of yourself, the first thing that you should focus on is making sure you're physically and mentally healthy. If you're studying but experiencing a bad migraine or an anxiety attack, take the time to rest because you deserve it. Believe us, a perfect score isn't the medicine you need to feel better. Plus, you'll feel a lot of worse if you did pass the test, but you ended up being confined in the hospital or taking medication that you didn't need before. 

2. Your friends

Whether it's with your partner or friends, the relationships that you have keep you sane and make you feel supported when you're stressed. That's why if you want to maintain them, nurture these relationships and don't neglect them. It doesn't mean choosing to go on a date with your boyfriend or having a nightout with your besties instead of doing your assignment that's due the day after. It's simply about being there for them and making them feel appreciated in times you need someone to talk to and vice versa. The times you spend with your loved ones will make your college life more memorable, not your scores on your quizzes!

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3. Your family

You need to be there for your family all the time because when things get out of hand or when you feel like you've failed at everything, they're the ones who would always be there to catch and support you. Of course, your parents want you to achieve great things in life which, sometimes, also includes getting good grades in your subjects. But the moment that they see that you're not happy anymore to the point that you prioritize your grades over anything, we're sure that they'll understand if you take a step back and spend more time with them because that's what they truly want, too! 

4. Your character

Getting good grades may be one of your goals, but the way you treat others on a daily basis is more important. The good grades you get won't earn you the kind of treatment you will get from the people you're surrounded with. If you're a Dean's Lister, but you don't respect other people, then no one would care about your academic achievements. Being smart doesn’t allow you to be rude to others. Whether you receive a high grade or not, don’t forget to project kindness and humility because that would lead you to a better path once you graduate.

5. Your happiness

Even if you get high grades, you won't feel proud of yourself if you're not doing what you actually love. If you feel that you're suffering from all the pressures that come with having a good academic standing, then you're better off slowing down than being extra hard on yourself. Have a sleepover with your friends, take an out-of-town trip for the weekend, work on your passion project, or shift to a different program if you have to. Lift the extra weight off your shoulders even for a short while. You'll thank us later.

We totally get why there are certain moments when you're so focused on acing your academics. But believe us when we tell you that the perfect score you get doesn’t matter once everything we listed fails. Remember being the smartest person in the room doesn't mean you're the happiest or most successful. Take a breath and follow what truly thrills your heart! 

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