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Dining Delight: How An Heirloom Lasagna Recipe Inspired This Growing Business

Dining Delight: How An Heirloom Lasagna Recipe Inspired This Growing Business

Perhaps, some of our most vivid memories are indelibly tied to the sights, sounds, and flavors of our early childhood, so much so that these have the power to shape our future plans. Such is the case for Derrence Lam, owner and founder of Doña Mila’s Premium Lasagna. “The recipe has been in our home since 1990, when my mom used to bake this dish for us after school or during summertime,” shares Derrence. “Cooking has always been her passion. She taught me how to choose fresh ingredients in wet markets and how to cook some of her famous dishes.” 

It was this passion that led the matriarch to start a small business that sold quality home cook meals. “It was through these humble beginnings that she was able to get us through school and life,” recalls Derrence. “Through time, the lasagna dish that she made became a household favorite among our families and friends. As a way of giving back to my mom, I have decided to continue where she left off.”

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It was important for Derrence to get the quality of his mom's cooking correct so that their valued customers would continue enjoy the food they’ve become accustomed to throughout the years. “In every dish my mom served, she always ensured that you can always taste that it is “homemade,” he shares. It takes careful planning to execute such an undertaking, which is why they prioritize quality over quantity. “The whole process of preparing, cooking and baking our lasagna takes hours to finish,” Derrence relays. “All our perishable ingredients are bought early on the day that they are meant to be prepared and every lasagna platter is freshly baked mere minutes before they are scheduled to be picked up.” All these steps guarantee that Doña Mila’s Premium Baked Lasagna delivers the delightful cheesy and meaty consistency they have been famous for.

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With a captured market in place, Derrence sees his mother’s famous dish as a staple food in household dinner tables, family gatherings, office parties, special celebrations and more, proving that heirloom recipes do have a niche in today’s modern palate. “As we grow our business bigger, we look forward to invest more in marketing strategies and expand the operations when the need arises,” shares Derrence. “Currently, we are working on enhancing our packaging to make it more premium and gift-ready especially with holidays coming up soon."

To celebrate National Lasagna Day on 29 July 2019, Doña Mila's is giving away a lasagna tray to three lucky winners. For contest mechanics, follow them on their Instagram account. 

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Photographs by Vyn Radovan and Dona Mila's Premium Baked Lasagna




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