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In Focus: 5 Reasons Why #LouDre Is The Definition of #CoupleGoals

In Focus: 5 Reasons Why #LouDre Is The Definition of #CoupleGoals


It feels as though it was only yesterday when Lou Yanong and André Brouillette met in the Pinoy Big Brother house, sparked a brewing chemistry, braved a controversy hand in hand, confessed their feelings, and eventually got together as soon as their exit. Well, LouDre fans, ain't that a rollercoaster ride?

After leaving the house as part of the first Big Four of the Adult batch, Lou and André immediately posted some sweet snaps on their social media accounts which confirmed their official status! But more than that, their journey together isn't a walk in the park, and there's a handful of relationship lessons that we can surely learn from these two. 

1. They make mature decisions together.

One of the things that fans loved about their relationship is that they're mature enough to admit their mistakes. It was just last March when the two faced an issue that almost got them evicted from the house. PBB viewers saw how their love story unfolded and how they let their feelings lead the way which, unfortunately, resulted to much criticism. But instead of being stubborn and letting their emotions get the best of them, they listened and apologized with humility and sincerity.

2. They don't rush.

The two entered the house with the mindset of being the Big Winner, without the intention of finding love—but they did. And since they're in a different environment where they can only interact with a few people, the two decided to not rush into things and label what they have when they were inside the house. Some people looked at it in a different way, but for us, we totally understand why they decided to be friends first even though they had a mutual understanding that they liked each other. We learned that as long as you two are on the same page of what you want in a relationship, then you don't have to be worried about what other people think! 

3. They're sensitive to each other's feelings.

When they were inside the house, we witnessed how they're sensitive to each other's feelings especially André who always wanted to make Lou feel comfortable despite everything that's happening. And if there's anything that changed now that they're outside the house as an official couple, it would be the fact that André and Lou's feelings turned from being in-like to being in-love real quick! 

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4. They have lives outside the relationship.

Sometimes, couples tend to succumb into spending time together 24/7 that they forget  that they have their own lives outside of the relationship, too. You should feel secure and close with your partner. But at the same time you should also have fun and grow without them which is something Lou and André have learned. Even though the two are working in the same industry, they still let each other hang out with other people. From going out with their individual squads to doing projects that don't include their partner, the two know that they can always come back to each other at the end of the day.

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5. They continuously grow together. 

Even though it's only been a few months since they officially started dating, we can't help but admire with how they continuously help each other become the best version of themselves. Lou and André have always been supportive of each other's dreams and, considering that their families and friends approve of them, we can't deny that they're totally in the right track!

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We're excited to see more of #LouDre's moments together because, aside from the daily dose of kilig, we can attest that their relationship is a true inspiration for us. These two might be young, but they know what would make their relationship last longer, and we think that's truly the number one reason why they're #goals.

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