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In Focus: 5 Solo Songs From EXO's Baekhyun You Shouldn't Dare Sleep On

In Focus: 5 Solo Songs From EXO's Baekhyun You Shouldn't Dare Sleep On


When we think of K-pop vocal powers, EXO's Baekhyun always is one of the first names that come to mind. And it's good to know that his hard work and talent didn't just blossom to nothing because, next month, our man is making his solo debut to redeem the power that he has over us—as if it ever left.

Imagine an entire album purely filled with Baek's amazing velvety sounds, stable high notes, and heart-rending voice, we can't but already cry. This idol sure knows how to sing emotions like he can actually read our hearts, and we are not complaining. No one asked, but you should know that we can't wait to be slayed by what's to come.

To help us prep, here are some of his previous solo releases which can further prove that Baekhyun will surely nab "Artist of the Year" awards before 2019 ends.

"My Turn To Cry"

Who would have thought that a voice can take away all our tears? Only Baekhyun's can with his solo piano cover version of this EXO track from 2014. We're so sorry, bb, but allow us to #uglycry as we listen to it again.

"Take You Home"

When he dropped this track in 2017, that's when we knew that he is the nation's boyfriend. Or at least, just ours—in our dreams, that is. PS: We wouldn't mind you taking us home every day of the week, Byun Baekhyun.


From R&B to jazz, there's nothing Baek's versatile voice can't do and it matches well with Bae Suzy. The two worked together for this special collaboration back in 2016, but we're still here strongly in love with it. It's like the dream team we never knew we needed.


"Like fine wine" are the best words to describe the suave delivery of Baekhyun in this 2018 collaboration with rapper Loco. Start listening to it, and you'll definitely get that addicting feeling we already have. Here's to us jamming to it for the rest of our lives!


This one is bringing back memories. Not only was it his first solo effort, but it also served as the theme to EXO's web drama series, EXO Next Door. Remember when we all wished we were that Yeonhee girl? Nevermind, all we can think about now is for Baek's songs to get featured in more drama OSTs, and we bet Chen will approve!

Whether he's in a group, in a unit, or by himself, Baekhyunnie's prowess is truly unmatched, and it would be a mistake to sleep on that. Now, here's a reminder: SM Entertainment will drop a teaser or two of Baekhyun's solo debut anytime soon. EXO-Ls, are you ready?

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