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Daily Diaries: Dear Superiors, This is Why We Quit Our Jobs

Daily Diaries: Dear Superiors, This is Why We Quit Our Jobs


By Maan de Vera

The year is 2018 and I was a fresh graduate. My eyes were wide open and my passion was burning. With both of my knees shaking I handed my portfolio to employers, hoping to finally get my dream job. This cycle went on until finally I got a text from a company that I got in. I can remember jumping with joy with the rest of the family. It felt like the worst is over now that the job hunt comes to an end.

I'm sure a lot of you can relate to my story. 

That is until a dream job started spiralling out into a nightmare.

Dear Superiors, this is why we quit our jobs.

1. False promises.


Interviews go both ways. With both parties taking their best foot forward, a lot of words are being thrown around, and this includes the promise of benefits upon regularization. I have a friend who was promised a health insurance after 3 months. One year and a promotion later, there is still no signs of the said benefit. Could it be performance issues? I doubt. She was promoted.

Sometimes, these false promises go as far as not regularizing an employee at all. Another friend for instance devoted his entire potential to a company for years that did not seem to care enough to provide the due compensation that my friend deserves...not just morally, but also by law.

These are things that employers do not come clean during interviews. How a lot of things are just for the sake of paper, but are really overlooked in reality. It's one of the sad truths that I have learned the hard way. What sucks is that employers get away with these because young ones are usually (unfortunately) oblivious of their rights.

2. Lack of trust.


Believe me when I say that we do not want absolute freedom in work. Stepping out of school and into your career makes you feel like a fish out of water. However, as an educated fish who was trained how to walk for 4 or more years, we sure have our own insight.

The conflict arises when superiors are far more interested in proving that they are that—superiors. That they have been in the industry longer. That they know what it takes to succeed. That they are equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills. But that should not be the point, instead of demonstrating what you can do for the sake of it, how about actually guiding the newbies? What about collaboration?

Don’t you think we have something to bring to the table? Didn’t you hire us because we also have the knowledge and skills fit for training? Training, yes...not blind following. Because you can always hire robots to do that for you if that’s want you want in the first place.

3. No time for a time-out.


While there are tales of young employees who take a lot of leaves to travel and take a break, the same can also be said for the tenured ones. Why? Because we all need to. We all know how stressful work can be. It’s so hard to understand why it’s frowned upon for us to distance ourselves from work and live our lives every once in a while. Are we to stop being humans because we are new at work? Can we just resume to being humans after regularization (which may never happen, btw)?

Sure, there are those who are insensitive when it comes to filing leaves, absences, and tardiness. But seriously, this is not an issue limited only to young employees. Because we have been chasing for urgent approval and signatures of our superiors who are on vacation mode.

Lastly, a friend of mine resigned after a month or working for a company who made him work for 6:00 am to 3:00 am without overtime pay. The most painful part here is the fact that this example hits home to a lot of us.

4. Holding passion as a hostage.


“But isn’t this your passion? If this is your passion, then you should be able to do it even if it’s outside the job description that you signed when we hired you,” says the employer to the employee. Well, not directly, but you get the point.

This is an ongoing problem that a lot of people are ignoring. The truth is a lot of just are just overworked. We are expected to wear many hats that were not even disclosed in the first place. To make matters even worse, we are not getting paid for any of the extra work or hours that are imposed upon us. We understand the importance of going the extra mile in order to boost your career. What we cannot seem to digest is going to the moon and back without getting anything in return but a nod from our superiors just to prove that we are passionate.

5. Branding us as entitled.


While these issues have been prevalent for a long time now, a lot of us has remained quiet about it out of fear to be branded as a brat. I am not here to generalize. There are a lot of really bad young employees. In the same way, there are also a lot of really bad employers.

We quit our jobs because of these employers. You may call us privileged because we have the choice to switch jobs in this economy. Yes. But this is a privilege that we are all to willing to use. We complain because there is simply something to complain about. We understand that things may be harder for you during your time and you have managed to get through. We salute you for that. However, now is our time and we are making a stand.




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