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Daily Diaries: 4 Friendship Lessons Maris Racal, Sue Ramirez And Loisa Andalio Have Taught Us

Daily Diaries: 4 Friendship Lessons Maris Racal, Sue Ramirez And Loisa Andalio Have Taught Us


Last year, Maris Racal admitted her broken friendship with fellow PBB All In alumnae and close friend Loisa Andalio in an episode of Tonight with Boy Abunda. From then on, fans speculated that Maris replaced Loisa's best friend position with Sue Ramirez, who she started hanging out with during the said period.

Fast forward to now, it seems like the two got through their friendship rift and are closer than ever. After all, friendships deserve second chances, too—it's what makes them precious. But, what really surprised us in this matter is when Maris, Loisa, and Sue all eventually became close—fans even dubbed their trio as #LoiSueRis. 

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A friendship is strengthen when the people involved are always there for each other, and this is something we can take from this squad. Here, we listed a few more lessons we want to share with you which we learned from this trio. Scroll further to see.

1. Some friendships can really hit rough patches.

We've always admired how Maris, Loisa, and Sue respect each other even they experienced a lot of struggles, because just like us, celebrity friendships can go through a rough patch too. In this case, Maris and Loisa had been best friends since PBB, but because of a misunderstanding, everyone saw how it broke them all apart. Most assumed that this trio wouldn't be friends again, but they surprised us this year when they started posting photos of their bonding moments.

2. The more friends, the merrier!

We have been taught from an early age that we are only supposed to have one so-called ‘best’ friend, and that having multiple best friends is out of the ordinary or just plain wrong. Well here, Maris, Loisa and Sue proved that it's totally okay to break this expectation that has been imposed. These ladies taught us that you shouldn't be territorial over your friends just because you think you know them better than other people. After all, letting your friend go and mingle without you is allowing them to experience other things that would further help them grow to become a better person. 

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3. Every friendship is unique.

These three celebs are absolutely different from each other, but somehow they made their friendship work. It might seem like their relationship is quite complicated, but for Maris, Sue, and Loisa, everything's going well because they respect each other. We're sure they have a different kind of understanding with each other, for example, Sue is the one Maris can count on when it comes to advice, but Loisa is the one who knows how to make her laugh. They had truly proven that every friendship is unique, and you couldn't really compare it to other relationships you have because what might work for them, might not work for you. 

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4. A real friend accepts you for who you really are.

Being judged by the public isn't new to these girls anymore because when you're a celebrity, this is something no one can avoid. And as someone who's a part of the industry where you have to put up an image most of the time, it's nice to have people who always have your back whenever you feel lost. Thankfully, this squad proved how much they accept each another to the point of being comfortable in being their completely and unashamedly self when they're around each other. One of the moments that was caught on camera is when Sue and Loisa removed their heels as they make their way down a path, while Maris chose to walk while still wearing hers. Just like most friendships, they playfully teased one another which just caused laughter throughout the video!

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Our society puts so much pressure on us to always be a 'perfect' human-being, so there would be people who would want to be with us. But the friends who don't need you to put an act or play pretend are totally the one who would stick around through thick and thin. Kudos to Maris, Sue, and Loisa who kept on inspiring us that no matter what happens, you'll find friends who can understand you when no one can. 

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