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#LookGood: Check Out Fifth Solomon's Transformation As A Drag Queen!

#LookGood: Check Out Fifth Solomon's Transformation As A Drag Queen!


From RuPaul's Drag Race to bars filled with drag performers, drag is definitely taking the center stage since last year. Many of us, most especially the teenage girls are obsessed with these 'superstars' as they overemphasize their facial features with lots of makeup and dramatic clothes. As part of their performance, these drag queens also have their own drag character which is usually a different persona from their real self. 

Just like celebrities, most of them are actors who gets peculiar after leaving the stage. That's why with understanding that drag queens are powerful performers, we should also know that we have no right to affirm their gender identity with this art form.

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One of the local drag fans we know is no other than the 27-year-old actor and director Fifth Solomon. And luckily, we got the chance to hangout with him during our #ChalkTakesPride shoot. And guess what, we convinced him to do a full drag makeover! Watch this video below to see the results:

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