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In Focus: James Reid—The Photographer—On Finding Creative Inspiration

In Focus: James Reid—The Photographer—On Finding Creative Inspiration

In today’s visual-centric world, curating the perfect Instagram feed has become a necessity. It’s about building your online image, so it should reflect who you really are. People spend hours to take that artsy selfie, or the charming place you’ve recently been to, or that mouth-watering plate you’re about to scrape clean. We find ways to express ourselves through our photos, and creatively-speaking, we’ve all grown from just choosing a nice filter to actually capturing a crisp shot.

James Reid is part of this "we." Or maybe not.

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At the recent launch of the Fujifilm X-T30, ABS-CBN Lifestyle got to sit down with the brand’s ambassadorJames himself to talk about his own creative pursuits. Apart from working on his thriving tribe Careless Music Manila, James has his photographs front and center of his artistic career. Yet he seemed too nonchalant about it.

"It’s just whatever I like, really,” James said when asked about his process. The 26-year-old actually started out with videos, and only transitioned to photography thanks to his lady love-cum-photography enthusiast Nadine Lustre.

“I shoot a lot mainly when we’re traveling,” James shared. His favorites among these documented trips include his excursion to Lake Tahoe, where he first saw snow; and his visits to Japan, where “the streets, the crazy lights, the robot cafes... the aesthetic there is so beautiful."

Seeing the world helps bring out one’s creative side, and James is a testament to this. But when you’re stuck in a rut, trying to squeeze out those creative juices, what can be done? This bona fide "artist" has the following few tips for you to keep in mind.

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First, scroll through. It helps to look for people to admire as inspiration. James, for one, looks up to his music heroes to shape himself further. “I don’t really look for pages for art—it’s more of people that inspire me. Being in the music industry and doing RnB, hiphop, kind of like A$AP Rocky, their visual style is so crazy. These really take me to another level.” 

And then get intrapersonal. When in doubt, look at yourself and ask what direction you want yourself to be in. Be as authentic and real as you can to yourself. “Everyone else will read it their own way, I feel like that’s how it kind of works. But my work always means something to me. It’s really personal and subjective.”

Lastly, James said, don’t take it too seriously. Don’t think about so much, relax, and just snap away!

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