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In Focus: Experience Sound Bathing—An Almost Mystical Way To Heal The Mind And Body

In Focus: Experience Sound Bathing—An Almost Mystical Way To Heal The Mind And Body

With the incidences of stress-related illnesses on the rise in recent times, so are different remedies and lifestyle changes to help cope and combat these. And aside from traditional western medication, people are starting to become more open-minded to try more natural and alternative ways of healing and meditation. One of which is something a little more interesting to try, as it heavily deals on the effects of sound and vibrations on the body—“sound bathing.”

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Sound bathing is simply like meditating, but instead, you lie down in a room for a few hours while listening to musical instruments like gongs and singing bowls, ‘bathing’ in the sound vibrations these instruments produce, with the intention of entering a deep meditative state. It seems odd hearing about such a thing at first, but there’s actually a lot of good we can get out of it! Here’s what you should know about it before you try it out.

It does more than just relaxation

The sound vibrations created during a sound bath gives physiological benefits like lowering the heart rate, decreasing blood pressure, and slowing down the pulse. Sound bathing also cleanses our cells, stimulates the immune system and balances our chakras.

It affects people differently

Just because someone you know fell asleep during the most part of the session, doesn’t mean you will too. In fact, the sound frequencies reach a very deep level of our minds that it is a great way to release trapped emotions, meaning that it can make you feel a lot of different emotions like joy, sadness, or irritation. So do not be surprised if you suddenly laugh or cry, and just observe without judgment.

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You don’t have to be a meditation expert

Unlike meditation where you need a lot of discipline and patience, sound bathing does not require such skills, as all you need to do is lie down, relax and listen to the sound around you. This could actually be a good stepping stone if you eventually want to practice meditation.

Practice regularly for maximum benefits

Sound bathing allows you to shut off your busy mind, and doing this regularly leads to positive effects on the mind and body. Each session can give you a different experience depending on your current feelings and the energy surrounding you—from having a visual experience, an emotional one, or a sense of transcendence. Whatever it may be, each one is contributing to your transformation.

Literally feel the sound

Sound vibrations during a sound bath are so powerful that you could actually feel them on your skin, sometimes giving you goosebumps. Certain frequencies that are emitted during sound baths also put the body in a harmonious balance. Sound bathing is safe and is recommended for everybody to try, whether you are suffering from physical pains or feel like you need to let go of some baggage. Here’s a tip though: Make sure to stay hydrated before a sound bath for more noticeable effects!

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