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Lifestyle Buzz: The Latest In Health And Fitness That'll Keep Your Workout Addiction Rock-Solid!

Lifestyle Buzz: The Latest In Health And Fitness That'll Keep Your Workout Addiction Rock-Solid!

Staying fit and healthy isn’t exactly the easiest thing to do, especially for those who have their hands filled with work and other things. Not to mention also being constantly surrounded by all these new restaurants, food kiosks, and fast food chains. Even though it’s easier said than done, staying motivated is one thing that could help us stick to a healthy and happy lifestyle, which in most cases is enough for us to seek for other ways to be fit.

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Where’s the Buzz

Unlike most fitness centers, the newly opened The Love Club (TLC) in Uptown Mall BGC makes attaining fitness goals more realistic. They do this by following three principles: 1) Community. Ensuring that members in the fitness center aren’t strangers and can work together in achieving their goals. They also have a play area where working moms can leave their children during their workout. 2) Coaching. TLC’s coaches aren’t just there to watch their clients and count reps. Instead, they get to know their clients and understand their goals to help them attain their goals. 3) Programming. It isn’t all about getting abs and being able to carry heavy weights. TLC focuses on holistic growth and makes sure that their clients don’t easily get injured when doing day to day activities, and still be strong when they reach their senior years.

Proper rest and relaxation with your partner is a must for a healthy and balanced lifestyle, and New World Manila is inviting couples to avail of their Love Wins Ceremony and Celebration Package. Aside from a handful of suites that cover the couple’s entourage, the package also includes everything from pre-ceremony preparations to honeymoon plans, care of their wedding specialist.

What’s the Buzz

Keep motivated with Samsung’s latest wearable gadgets such as the new Galaxy Buds that are super comfortable, that also feature superb sound quality and lasts up to six hours of music on a single charge. The Galaxy Watch Active isn’t just like any other fitness watch, as it features a smart coach that acts like a personal trainer, keeping you motivated at all times. It also works with voice commands which makes sending messages easier. Most importantly, it comes with a stress tracker that prompts you to do breathing exercises when it detects irregular heart rate. Samsung also launched the Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit E, which were built to target all types of fitness enthusiasts.

Traveling does not mean compromising your healthy habits. With Pacsafe’s Venturesafe G3 collection, you won’t have to worry about bringing less as these bags are not only stylish, but also lightweight, and safe. This means that you’ll have extra space to bring your workout gear and your water bottle even when you’re on the go. And since it’s lightweight, its not only perfect for traveling but also for hiking if that’s your thing. The Pacsafe Venturesafe G3 is available in black, goji berry, and blue.

Who’s Buzzin’

The Baron Method was founded over ten years ago, but it is only now that Filipinos are accepting his method of attaining good health - through the food they consume. This works by simply learning what type of meats and vegetables to buy, reading food labels, and following a personalized diet plan that suits every individual’s needs. Today, there’s a number of nutritionists in the country like Ana Martinez who have treated cases like tongue cancer by following the Baron Method and foregoing medical treatments. Meanwhile, Edrea Teope have treated extreme cases of diabetes with this method and has personally witnessed how it transformed others’ lives.

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