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The 9 Interesting Men You Meet On Dating Apps

The 9 Interesting Men You Meet On Dating Apps

If you’ve been on dating apps long enough regardless if it’s Tinder, Ok Cupid, Skout or other app of your choice, chances are you’d recognize one or more—maybe even all—of these people. Now for those of you still left undecided whether it’s worth a shot or at least your while, we give you a rundown of the type of men you’re most likely to encounter.


  1. The Flash

Not long after being matched or him visiting your profile, he finally had the guts to say “hello”. And just before you could say it was short and sweet, “hello” is then quickly followed by an inappropriate question, sometimes without even bothering to get your name first or know what it is you do for a living. It’s like a speedy jump from first base to homerun, all for the sake of “fun”.


  1. The Familiar

Sometimes, they’re someone you think you have met elsewhere but couldn’t remember when or where exactly. Sometimes, you think they’re just lookalikes of someone you know—only they aren’t just lookalikes. They are really someone you know, like your ex or his friend. Or your cousin or your girlfriend’s boyfriend. Yes, we hear you. Altogether now: Awkward.


  1. The Ghost

Like seriously, things were going so well. You had been constantly talking. You were certain you guys were on the same page. Until you’re not, or at least he isn’t anymore. Where did he go? Was it something you said or do or didn’t do that just made him disappear into thin air? Guess you’ll never know now, would you?

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  1. The Cliffhanger

You get it. He may be talking to other people that takes a while to continue on your convo but then so are you. Does he always take too long to reply? Not sure if you’re finally meeting this weekend or if at all? With this type, it’s always a cat and mouse game. Or just a game, period.


  1. The Mute

You don’t know if your data plan’s acting up that chat messages couldn’t seem to get through or maybe cat just got his tongue. Our bet is on the latter. A handful of profile visitors, dozens of matches, and this guy couldn’t be bothered with a word. Maybe your chances with having a tree talk to you is higher than waiting for him to interact.


  1. The Smooth Talker

If there are men who are too preoccupied to engage you in a conversation, there are those who effortlessly just swoon you into it. “How are you today, babe?” “Sweetheart, I’ll see you in my dreams.” We don’t know how you feel about that but smooth sure can be sexy when done in ample portion. Know how to discern smooth from sincere and you’ll be fine.


  1. The Persistent

You may not be in the mood to talk or may not meet eye to eye on what you came to the app for. Example: He wants to meet in the middle of the night and literally gives you a hundred reasons just to convince you. But you would rather sleep in instead. Now only if he gets the message; know that this guy isn't leaving without a fight. 


  1. The Polar Opposite

You may be brought up in a certain way when you meet someone with opposing views from yours. At times, it’s a slight difference like him wanting navy blue, and you liking powder blue. Sometimes it can be as extreme as him believing in worshipping the sun and you loving it solely for a nice tan.


  1. The One

People might have signed up on the app for a myriad of reasons. Some came looking for spontaneity and fun, some came looking for surprises, some came for love, and some are just winging it until they can tell for sure. So there’s just no joy greater than finally finding that one, The One, who would mostly be the answer to why you were even there in the first place.


Some of the men mentioned here may not really be your cup of tea and that’s okay, they don't have to be. The types of men out there are just diverse, and that makes it extremely interesting. As for you, well it’s either you have the patience for it or you don’t. Nevertheless, if you open yourself enough to possibilities, you might just get what you’re looking for... or more. If not, well, meeting people still isn't so bad, is it?




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