In Focus: These Funny Guys Haven’t Tried Facebook Dating—Here’s Why!

In Focus: These Funny Guys Haven’t Tried Facebook Dating—Here’s Why!

By Nicole Garcia

It’s no secret that Facebook gradually adds features for people to enjoy—games, the Marketplace and Watch to name a few recent ones. In 2018, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg introduced their newest app for love: Facebook Dating. Released in 19 countries including the Philippines, it’s designed to offer users a safe, opt-in way of forming long-term, meaningful relationships with people who are also looking to date.

iflix's Hoy! Bibig Mo comedians Mike Unson and GB Labrador shared their thoughts on this update, with fits of laughter in between. The well-known comedians admit that while they’ve seen the app, they’ve never tried it nor do they plan to. Why? Simply because they don’t need it.

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Firstly, the duo already have a special someone in their lives. Secondly, given that things like Facebook Dating never existed in their younger years, their approach towards getting to know someone happened more offline than online.

The closest they got to online dating happened on internet discussion boards, but even that wasn’t rampant among their peers. “(When) I started my standup, 26 na ako,” Mike Unson recalled. “Forty-one na ako, parang bago lang yung social media at that time. More on Yahoo! group chats (kami). In my experience of dating may nagpakilala or nakilala mo sa shoot.

GB, who is roughly the same age as Mike, chimed in with stories of personal experience. “Lumaki tayo sa walang internet, so we’re used to being in a place that you meet people,” he explained. “Since 80s kids kami, we try not to do the dating apps. We’re more into going places. Medyo iba rin yung online dating. Kung iisipin mo…ayusin yung itsura mo, tapos you can put whatever you want. Medyo may daya, eh and online kumpara sa meeting someone in person.”

Nevertheless they acknowledged that dating apps are legitimate media for younger generations to interact. The way they see it, people are more shy than before. Technology is a comfortable, modern way of socializing. And when finding love, everyone’s methods are unique. “Different strokes for different folks,” Mike quipped.

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