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Where To Next: IG-Perfect Areas In Taiwan Moms Can Bring Their Kids To

Where To Next: IG-Perfect Areas In Taiwan Moms Can Bring Their Kids To

Pursuing a travel plan with the family can be such a chore for moms, who already have a long, intimidating to-do list to accomplish on a daily basis. But millennial moms know better that going places can be good for the soul—hence the all-too-familiar mantra belief these days that "traveling makes one happier more than any material wealth."

We then promote this need for parents to see the world one destination at a time with this list. And for our easy reco? More than two hours away from the Philippines, our neighbor Taiwan—which speaks of not just food and culture but also other #feedgoalz-worthy experiences!

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Zhong She Flower Market

Take a day trip to Taichung and visit Zhong She Flower Market to take photos at the different flower fields. Choose from sunflowers, lavenders and many other kinds of flowers all depending on the season of your visit. This place seems like it was made specifically for photo-loving millennials, as there are props (such as a piano and a windmill) in the middle of the fields.

Ba Gua Tea Plantation

While they don’t allow tourists to walk through the Ba Gua tea plantations themselves, you can get good shots from the viewpoint if you know how to angle your photos well! Join a tour with a reputable service, such as KKday, as the place isn’t as easily accessible. But nothing’s too hard for those killer photos, right?

Rainbow Village



Also at Taichung, Rainbow Village is a small village painted with very colorful artworks by a veteran soldier fondly called “Rainbow Grandpa.” Have fun taking beautiful, vibrant shots with this gorgeous work of art.

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Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza Rooftop

Get the best bird’s eye view of Taipei when you go all the way up to the rooftop of Shangri-La Far Eastern Plaza. Yes, we say “the best” view because here, you can get a photo together with the famous Taipei 101 building itself!

Yehliu Geopark

There are many beautiful man-made places in the world but nothing beats the beauty of nature. Take your Instagram photos at these natural rock formations at Yehliu, just off the north coast of Taiwan. Marvel at the landscape of honeycomb and mushroom rocks eroded by the sea. 

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Sheena Sy Gonzales is a full-time designer, travel writer, wife and mom. For more tips and articles about her different travels, including her Taiwan trip with her four year old son, visit her website Sheena Loves Sunsets.

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