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Style Cheat Sheet: Dress Like Miho Nishida

Style Cheat Sheet: Dress Like Miho Nishida

In a white Grecian-cut gown with an embellished deep V-neckline, Miho Nishida was all aglow as she was hailed the Big Winner of the adult edition of Pinoy Big Brother 737—but did you know she was actually supposed to wear a different gown for the Big Night? “I initially prepared a different dress for her, but changed it the last minute to fit her overall mood and aura then. The moment she stepped out of the fitting room wearing the white dress, it was goosebumps to another level—like a good sign that great things were ahead for her,” recalls RJ Gorospe, the show’s official stylist, who is also now Miho’s stylist here in the outside world.

Call it stylist’s instinct, call it destiny, but either way, it’s inarguable that that dress was made for Miho to win the plum prize in, and for RJ, who has known the half-Japanese performer since they started working during the show’s photo shoots, he knew at that moment that the Big Winner was standing right in front of him. Miho has indeed come a long way from the time she entered the Big Brother house, and RJ is all praises for the young mother. “She is a joy to work with, there is never a dull moment with her. Sometimes, even if we need to fit clothes during ungodly hours of the night, she never complains and just goes with it. I appreciate that she trusts and listens to me when it comes to dressing her up,” he notes.

Miho showing off her sexy arms and toned abs in a cropped top, with Tommy Esguerra.

RJ adds that Miho’s beauty queen-like physique makes his work very easy. “[Besides the fact that] she can fit into anything and she can make almost everything look effortlessly good on her, the nice thing about Miho is that she doesn't box herself into just one specific style archetype. She can go from being a sexy trendy street gal, a laidback chic lady, to a classy beautiful woman. I mainly dress her up depending on her current mood or feeling that day.” Given her Japanese upbringing, Miho’s style is heavily influenced by J.Pop and Japanese nightlife fashion, as evidenced by her love of color and things funky and trendy. Here’s how RJ brings out the best in Miho, style-wise:

By maximizing the power of shorts. “She loves them so what I do is I pair them with a nice graphic top and sneakers, or a cute cropped top with a nice leather jacket and killer heels. Shorts look good on her because she has beautiful long legs.”

He shows off her lithe frame using jumpsuits and dresses. “Long jumpsuits emphasize her height, [they make her look] very commanding and elegant without being too dressy formal, and still every inch the Big Winner. She also loves to wear dresses and jumpsuits, again, not a problem because she is sexy, any style of dress looks good on her.”

Miho looking radiant and classy in an off-shoulder pink dress with ruffle details for Tonight with Boy Abunda. The next day, RJ had her wear a simple tank top paired with a white maxi-skirt with slit for her Kapamilya Deal or No Deal guesting, and this time, she looked feisty and sexy (see banner photo).

Want to channel Miho's chic, eclectic style? RJ shares foolproof tips:

If you’ve got the same body type as Miho… “emphasize and highlight your assets. If you are blessed with long legs like her, try to show more of them by wearing shorts, skirts, and dresses that fall above the knee. If you're not comfortable showing some skin, wear high-waisted pants or long jumpsuits instead.”

If you’re a morena beauty like her… “go for colors that accentuate and complement it like white, cream, blush pink, maroon, or green.

But RJ’s ultimate tip, whether or not you’re as tall or as sexily golden as Miho, is to be comfortable with your body. “Miho can look good in almost anything because she feels beautiful no matter what she’s wearing. I think that's the main key to achieving her ‘look’—self-confidence.”


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