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Jumpstart Your Career the Milby Way

Jumpstart Your Career the Milby Way

Ten years ago, before he was known in the showbusiness, Sam Milby was a rookie in the industry who cannot speak Filipino fluently and who does not have any relevant experience in the industry aside from being commercial model of a toothpaste brand. He was discovered in the first season of Pinoy Big Brother and after being eliminated, started his showbiz career.

“It was a rough journey… Yung struggle with not being prepared I guess in way, sa lenggwahe, in terms of everything. It was like not knowing anything about showbiz really. Not knowing anybody from  showbiz, not used to how it works…”

Despite all the struggles and controversies, his career was able to survive and is still blooming with all those teleseryes, albums, movies, endorsements within the past 10 years.

Whether a rookie or not, we all want to survive and excel in our chosen career whatever field it may be. It is pretty difficult to climb up the success ladder but it is definitely achievable.


Learn from your workmates

When you are a newbie, be thankful if someone is going to teach you or guide you. But what if there’s none? You be the one to make a move. Seize every opportunity to ask people, listen to their stories, and learn. In order to survive your workplace or school, you have to adapt, not just to the environment but most importantly, the people you work with.

Sometimes, being with people who are great in their craft will inspire you be one. Sam says he was blessed because during his 10 years, he was able to work with the best and most remarkable TV personalities.


Do what you love and even what you don’t

It’s easier to do what you love. It will not be of so much burden in your part because you love doing it. “If it’s your passion, it will work out through.” Sam says. From being a guitarist to being a singer with his own album, he never stopped his passion for music. Now, he will be having his own concert in celebration of his 10-year showbiz career.

However, sometimes (and there will be times when) you will be assigned to do something you think you are not capable of, a task you are not confident of doing, or an activity you do not like. That’s quite a battle but it doesn’t mean you have to quit. You just have to look at it in a different way to be able to appreciate it. Appreciation is the start of liking. See it as an opportunity rather than a burden and you will start to enjoy it. Who knows? Maybe it will be your next passion.

Cliché as it sounds but still is true, that it will be a lot easier when you do what you love and you love what you do.


Improve your craft

“Take classes, study…[to keep] your passion and talent shining.” Sam says when talking about his acting and singing career.

No matter how good you think you are, or how skillful you are on something, you still have to develop and improve your craft in order to excel. Excellence is never achieved in a snap. Sometimes it even comes with some slap and stamp.


 Appreciate more

Sam learned to appreciate what he has and what he has gone through over the years. He says“…it has been a fruitful, colorful 10 years. I’m just thankful. Because everything happened so fast… you get to appreciate more.” 

It seems like people today are having a hard time appreciating the things that they have. We have been busy in our eveyday lives, in striving for more of the things we want, that we forget to be grateful of what we have. A simple ‘thank you’ means more than mere recognition, but appreciation. 

Time flies fast; people easily come and go. Why don’t we stop every once in a while and thank those who helped us along the way, especially the One who gave us everything? Count your blessings and make them count on others too.




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