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In Focus: 9 Times RM & Jin Proved That They Are Great Dancers Just Like The Rest Of BTS

In Focus: 9 Times RM & Jin Proved That They Are Great Dancers Just Like The Rest Of BTS


If you're a BTS ARMY, then we're pretty sure that you're convinced that this K-pop group has the best set of dancers. And we're not just talking about the main dance line but all seven of them, including leader RM and worldwide handsome Jin. We don't care if neither of the two is your bias, we don't care if you're an OT7 or not, but we won't just stay silent over so-called critics who dare disrespect our kings.

Both starting out as non-dancers prior to debuting, Namjoon and Seokjin have gotten obvious improvement every group comeback. There's no underestimating their dedication, extra hard work, and sleepless nights rehearsing just to give ARMYs the best performances. Imagine picking up intense the choreos of "Danger" and "IDOL" real quick with dancing as your least expertise? Only NamJin can. If you need convincing, here's a look at the many times the two proved their more than just the rapper and vocalist of BTS.

1. You should witness Jin win the dance challenge in American Hustle Life for his passion and Namjoon be praised for his unique swag to believe that dancing doesn't have to be a natural talent for one to be good at it.

2. NamJin kept us on our toes recreating Jimin's and J-Hope's solo dances during their anniversary Festa party in 2016. These two certainly deserve an A for effort!

3. We don't think it's right for someone to say Namjoon and Jin can't dance when they made zero mistake at every random dance challenge they took on. Agree?

4. Not at Seokjinnie's impromptu performance of "Fire" on the street of Malta during the third season of Bon Voyage! Our worldwide handsome just got even more irresistible!

5. Miley Cyrus might have invented twerking in 2013, but Joonie following suit a year later is the reason that we all live.

6. Isn't Jin considered a good dancer if he was able to come up with a choreography for "Spine Breaker" and gave a new spin to "Spring Day"? Obviously, he is!

7. Fancams shouldn't be misse,d and on top of RM's list is when he took things up a notch in "Fake Love" and left us craving for more!

8. Jin dancing to "Dionysus" showed a Jin we never knew existed. Seriously, it was a legendary fancam that will go down in BTS history.

9. There was that time when only NamJin got the right timing to "Not Today" while blindfolded with headphones on and remained the last Bangtan standing. This screams best dancers status!


RM and Jin have stolen dance floors more than you think they have. It didn't come easy for them, but their willingness to learn and years of practice brought them to where they are today. And if main dancer J-Hope can appreciate and be proud of them, then why can't we? NamJin is also BTS' best dancers, and no one can change our minds.

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