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In Focus: 5 Major Reasons To Stan Red Velvet Now More Than Ever

In Focus: 5 Major Reasons To Stan Red Velvet Now More Than Ever


In the year 2014, we fell in love and found happiness through a Korean girl group of five members known as Red Velvet. But until now, some people just view them as a group who shares the same label with Girls' Generation, Super Junior, and EXO and barely know what it is about them that we're going gaga for. Perhaps it's because their name is hardly atop your news feed for smashing records and topping charts. Tell you what, that's because those are RV's least of concerns.

They could use numerical success to flex their bio, sure. But Irene, Seulgi, Yeri, Wendy and Joy believe that their fans matter more. And as loyal ReVeluvs, we still hold many reasons for you to stan Red Velvet if you still haven't yet. Our pleasure.

1. Their visuals are incomparable.

Without a doubt, all five ladies have blessed faces that radiate beauty of different kinds. From Yeri's girl-next-door charm to Joy's bewitching looks, we can't find any fault!

2. They take pride in their vocals.

Seulgi and Wendy may have the lead and main vocalist titles but Yeri, Irene, and Joy can exceptionally sing, too, which is something that's not common to idol groups. Each member serves a diverse vocal range and style. There’s not much explaining we can do; you have to listen yourself!

3. They're the queens of duality.

They said get you a girl who can turn from cute to sultry real quick. And if you're reading this, then you're on the right page! Red Velvet takes the crown in the field of duality. You can't fight us, their group name says it all.

4. Versatile package.

This quintet has no specific genre that they can be associated to. From dance-inducing pop to a sleek R&B mix of vocals and raps, RV keeps proving why TIME magazine calls them a five-fold Ariana Grande.

5. They're going global.

If you think Red Velvet can't keep up with K-pop-gone-global acts, think again. They are actually the one who broke America's two-year drought from female Korean groups by holding a fan meeting in Chicago in 2018. They're also bringing their Redmare World Tour Stateside this 2019. And who can forget that they're the first girl group to perform in North Korea since 2003? Need we say more?

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Now, the decision to either a.) get into the ReVeluv fandom or b.) stay in-denial of Red Velvet's stan-worthy status all comes down to you. Well, we'll only take A for an answer, and if that's yours, you should have a Red Velvet taste when they perform at the K-Pop World Music Festival on June 9 at the Mall of Asia Arena. See you there!

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