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In Focus: These #GameOfThrones Tweets Are Full Of Disappointment And We Feel Them

In Focus: These #GameOfThrones Tweets Are Full Of Disappointment And We Feel Them


For almost every fan of Game Of Thrones, the HBO series has become a huge chunk of their life—eight years to be exact. And with the rollercoaster ride that it all took us—from the most shocking deaths to the inspiring character developments—it's only fair for us to expect a legendary ending.

But, for the past two episodes, at least, most fans have been expressing their disappointment towards almost everything about the show such as Danaerys' Mad Queen situation, Jaime's character arc thrown out the window, and Cersei's underwhelming death. Some even signed a petition for a redo of the entire Season 8.

And as we reached the finale of the world's biggest show ever, GoT's most avid viewers still think that the ending isn't up to par with, basically, what we and our beloved characters deserve. It's like the past seven seasons just went up in flames along with the entirety of King's Landing, ya feel us?

Of course, there's no place like Twitter to find the most relatable sentiments towards the Game of Thrones series finale. Here are the best ones that got us hitting the RT button:

1. When you finally confirm that Jaime and Cersei, after surviving literally everything throughout the whole series, just died beneath a pile of rocks...

2. When you had to watch Drogon mourn over his mum's lifeless body...

3. When the Dragon Queen was slain only to be replaced by, well, Bran...

4. Seriously, didn't we have any other options?

5. Even Hodor isn't impressed.

6. This wouldn't have happened if we still had Robb...

7. Who still ain't over the fact that The Night King was so easily defeated?

8. Can we just go back to the time when the plot literally gave us chills?

9. From Castle Black to, uh, Castle Black... Welp.

10. We all know Arya will never be a lady. But after all those years that Gendry spent rowing, we're surprised he won't be following the love of his life to the ends of the world on a ship.

11. Just when we thought filming for two years would be worth it...

12. This is literally us right now.

13. Need we say more?

14. Well, at least, we got this:

All the disappointment and raging feels aside, we would still like to pay tribute to the show that has made our Monday mornings brutal, empowering, and wildly entertaining for the past eight years. This is the end of an era, indeed. Thank you, Game of Thrones!

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