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In Focus: 7 Survival Tips From "Between Maybes" To Get You Through Young Adulthood

In Focus: 7 Survival Tips From


Definitely one of the movies that millennials will hold close to their hearts, Between Maybes traces the pains and pressures of adulting years and that tricky thing we call love. It's the newest romance film set in the beautiful, less travelled city of Saga, Japan and stars first-time pairing Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson, whose right amount of chemisty is not hard to notice.

But as we say, beyond the likeable tandem and aesthetic backdrop, Between Maybes also leaves plenty of room for lessons on matters that will the tug at the heartstrings of the coming-of-age youth. From self-discovery to taking a risk in love, Hazel and Louie's relatable journey and realistic kind-of-happy ending made the story much more convincing.

Here, we list all the survival tips we picked up from the movie that will surely get you through young adulthood.

1. Think things through.

For someone who has gone through a lot when it comes to pursuing her career, thinking too much can be a pretty exhausting effort. We get it. But Hazel knew that solutions are indeed hard to come by. It takes time to get to the end of it, and you'll realize that going through that process is better than potentially regretting your rash decisions.

2. Listen to your parents.

"Mother knows best" may be a concept that's too cliche for our millennial spirits. Most of the time, we think that our moms are going overboard with her nagging and strictness. Take Hazel and her mom's relationship in the movie for example. That's what she's here for, though, and that's what you need. Julia's character may have already grown up from being a child star but she still has so much to learn that only her parents can teach her at the end of the day.

3. Make your parents listen to you, too.

Okay, they may always know what's best for you. But, sometimes, what they think is best for you may not be actually right for you. Parents, like Hazel's mom, tend to talk and control your life when it should be a balance of give and take. That's where your duty comes in: to make sure that the line of communication is open. Kudos to Hazel for voicing our her right to live the life she wants to live. We aspire!

4. No man is an island.

While trying to figure things out, it's important to have someone by your side who will willingly listen to your rants, give you pieces of advice, and be brutally honest with you if need be. Be it a long-time buddy or a stranger like Louie, it doesn't matter. Your heart wants what it wants, and it's not to be alone, we all know that. Just look at what releasing her feels did for Hazel.

5. Follow your dreams.

This has become quite a challenge for people today given the gripping plots of our real lives. But that's not enough reason to just blow things off. Not one person, fear, or turn of events should stop you from chasing your dreams. It only takes a great deal of will to actually make it happen. To have Hazel as your friend to push you pursue your studies could also a be a good thing. Right, Louie?

6. Face your problems.

Hazel can fly all the way to Japan to escape her problems, but it'll just continue to haunt her wherever she goes. As you can see, you can run from it, but you can never run enough to call it quits. You'll just get tired of hiding from your unresolved issues. That's bound to happen. The only choice your left to make is to be brave and deal with it accordingly.

7. Take a break.

Maybe Hazel's getaway does not mean that she's bailing out on her problems, rather she's simply taking a break. And that's totally fine and is actually a must. You don't have to go through life in one go. If ever you decide to rest, do it. Getting away for the weekend and going on vacation is actually a healthy step to ease your mind. You might be surprised to find the answer you need in between!

Obviously, Between Maybes is not your average romance drama that only taps on the kilig factor. If you want to dive a little deeper into the relatable movie themes, it's best to watch this fresh offering from Black Sheep now showing in cinemas nationwide! Props to Gerald and Julia!

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