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In Focus: 5 Ways To Deal With The Election 2019 Results Gracefully

In Focus: 5 Ways To Deal With The Election 2019 Results Gracefully


Sometimes the election season becomes one of the most heated times for our country– with different opinions from citizens on who to elect in the highest of positions, it’s no surprise how this period also easily becomes stressful and frustrating.

We all have candidates we root for. But no matter how much we campaigned and convinced people to vote for them, too, let us not forget that in every competition, there will always be winners and those who will not make it. Despite the efforts, we should know how to deal with the results gracefully, even if they’re not the ones we greatly hoped for. Here are some of the ways on how to do so:

1. Keep an open mind.

Whoever the winners are, even if they are not who we voted for, we should keep an open mind – there are a thousand possibilities out there and maybe, just maybe, the change we’re waiting for, will eventually come.

2. Don’t let whatever negative energy there is get to you.

Despite the heat and pressure among other things, don’t let the negativity out there get to you which may come from those who rooted for the other candidates or the environment in general. So being the bigger person that you are, keep calm and hold your head up high.

3. Stay true to what you believe in.

Even if the results were not in our favor, we can always stay true to what we believe in – the advocacy and principles we’re pushing for should remain solid whoever the elected officials are. Believe that the fight is not yet over.

4. Continue being a responsible and concerned Filipino citizen.

Practicing the right to vote during election is what every responsible and concerned Filipino citizen should do. However, the duty to our country doesn’t just stop there – being responsible and concerned about our motherland, even in our own little ways, should be practiced every day.

5. Know that we should always root for the Philippines.

No matter what the results are, we should always root for our dear country. Even if the outcome is too far from what we think was supposed to happen, know that now is not the time to give up. Don't ever think about abandoning the ship. We should always remember that we can always do something for the Philippines.

As Filipino citizens, our duty to the country still continues even after the release of the election results. Times are getting tougher, and our nation calls for us to keep fighting. After all, we are the very hope that it needs, and we must not give up on our future. 

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