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#ChalkChallenge: Kaila Estrada And Mom Janice De Belen Play 'Never Have I Ever'

#ChalkChallenge: Kaila Estrada And Mom Janice De Belen Play 'Never Have I Ever'


Mom and daughter relationships vary for everyone. But, as millennials, our favorite kind is the one where we get to be open to our mothers and we can be our silliest, most natural selves with them. Yep, we're talking about having a cool mom who doesn't mind if we're out on a date or having some clean fun way past our bedtime.

One of the mom-daughter duos that have this type of dynamics is Kaila Estrada and celebrity mom Janice de Belen. So, in celebration of Mother's Day, we invited them to a happy hour date to play a game of 'Never Have I Ever,' alcoholic shots included!

Kaila and mommy Janice gave us a glimpse of their fun, modern-day relationship as they spill memories about going home drunk, stealing each other's clothes, and crying over boys! Watch our round of #ChalkChallenge with these two in the video below:


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