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RnR Recos: Summer Ain't Over With These 5 Summer Staycation Ideas That'll Double The Fun!

RnR Recos: Summer Ain't Over With These 5 Summer Staycation Ideas That'll Double The Fun!

Think the summer season has gotten spoiled no thanks to this unbearable heat, all while gawking at your Instagram feed filled with your friend's travel photos? Wipe those unnecessary tears! You can still slay your summer staycation with these awesome ideas that won’t break the bank! #TeamBahay for the win!

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1. Go camping in your backyward. If you and your friends have a hard time finding a common schedule to explore the great outdoors, you can always pitch a tent in your home’s backyard. Complete the backyard camping experience with marshmallows, hotdogs on a stick, and a clay pot that can serve as your campfire pit.

2. Throw an inflatable pool party. Grab your inflatable pool that’s gathering dust in your bodega and blow it up with a trusty air pump because an inflatable pool party is a low-cost way to beat the intense summer heat. No need to travel all the way to the beach! Just throw on your best summer outfit, prep your summer pool party playlist, enjoy homemade barbeques, and invite your squad over for a fun summer party. Afterwards, you can collect the used water in containers. Who knows, maybe you can still reuse it around the home like for watering the plants?

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3. Organize a game night. You can never go wrong with games. Whip up yummy snacks that you can indulge in with your friends and play fun video games or a classic board game like Monopoly. You can even set up dares for the player who will lose in each round.

4. Host a wine and cheese party. Obsessed with wine and cheese? Host a wine soiree at home!  Check out vlogs on how you can build a cheese platter, decorate your spread with bright flowers, and ask your friends to bring their favorite bottle of wine (red and white, please!) so you can all try a wide variety of flavors.

5. Invite friends over a viewing party. In this streaming era, watching movies or a big TV event is still best shared with the people you love. Don’t be afraid to be super extra with your viewing party by making it a themed experience. If you’re watching a sporting event like the UAAP Volleyball game, ask your friends to wear a shirt in support of their favorite team. You can even create a drinking game while watching movies like Star Cinema rom-coms to double the fun. Don’t forget the popcorn and the fluffy pillows!

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