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In Focus: 5 Things To Expect From Julia & Gerald's Movie "Between Maybes"

In Focus: 5 Things To Expect From Julia & Gerald's Movie


We're just a few days away from the premiere of Julia Barretto and Gerald Anderson's film Between Maybes, and we've got every right to tell you that you should get excited for it! Thanks to Black Sheep, we got the chance to preview this intriguing millennial offering and debut project from Julia and Gerald.

Between Maybes revolves around the story of troubled actress Hazel (Julia) who escapes to Japan and meets fellow Filipino Louie (Gerald.) The two find a strong connection in each other that leads them to an unexpected romance and huge life decisions to make.

If the plot got you curious, we've got a few more deets to share without giving away spoilers. Here, we list down all the things that will urge you to head to the cinemas come May 15th!

1. A downright hilarious Julia

Without even trying so hard, Julia's natural take on her role and the witty lines she throws will surely give you a giggling fit! Plus, have you heard this young actress rap? We gotta feeling you haven't, so you def should watch out!

2. A swoon-worthy Gerald

As one would expect, it won't be a Gerald movie without the kilig. He is not playing the same heartthrob throwing roses and cheesy icebreakers that girls will fall head over heels for like he used to do before though. Rather, he's a boy(friend material)-next-door who will make you feel safe and cared for on a personal level. There's no way we're letting go of a beau like him if we ever meet one!

3. Their chemistry

The tandem of Julia and Gerald is completely a breath of fresh air in the scene, something that many of us could have never imagined will happen. The unfamiliarity and age gap might get you thinking of the possible awkwardness. Well, fear no more, because we can guarantee that they embody a heart-fluttering on-screen chemistry. You can hold us liable later if you don't agree, but we're not taking it back!

4. Relatable storyline

Are you in the situation where you don't know what to do or what you want in your life anymore? Are you feeling lost or hopeless? Do you feel tempted to run off and just give up? Can't you tell if you're doing the right thing or not? You could use a break to see Between Maybes  for answers and motivation. You'll thank us later.

5. Japan experience

Imagine a beautiful love story coupled with the beautiful scenery and culture of Japan? And we're not only talking about the country's capital that we usually see in other movies. Between Maybes was set in the small yet utterly scenic city of Saga. After watching, you might even be convinced to fly and experience it yourself.

There is no such thing as too much romance or drama when it comes to Pinoy film buffs. And while Julia and Gerald have had their fair shares of flicks with their original on-screen partners, Between Maybes will prove to you that taking a risk to try something new is worth it, too! See you in the theaters on May 15!

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