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In Focus: Here's Why Your Vote Still Counts Even If You Think It Doesn't

In Focus: Here's Why Your Vote Still Counts Even If You Think It Doesn't


It's election season again, and you're probably already planning to stay home instead of lining up at your designated polling place to cast your vote. Right, 'cause that is actually so much easier than getting that feeling of frustration if ever our bets lose the seats or when the very same old undeserving faces take the win, and we're left suffering the same backward state in this country. If this sounds relatable to you, then you're definitely at a place where politics just got into you and you start questioning, "Does my vote still count?"

Sounds cliché, but, yes, it does and it always will. This goes as well to the young new registrees who are having second thoughts to make their voices heard. Just how big are the chances that our vote will prevail, really? Here's what you should know: The results may not always work in our favor and you might think the only way out is to not vote at all. But that's where you're wrong. There is hope out there if you don't take your right to vote for granted. Your vote matters, and we've got reasons that'll convince you why.

1. It reinforces democracy.

Democracy is what our heroes died for in the past and what we're living for in the present. And part of maximizing this is practicing your right to vote. Ignoring this liberty is like giving away your power to build a government for the people. Don't ever let it fall into the hands of a few influential yet unfit ones who call themselves "public servants."

2. It's a form of taking action.

Yes, we can all voice out our opinions, criticize the administration, and promote different advocacies for the country. But we also have to take action, and one way to do so is by voting. We cast our ballots for the candidates that mirror our standpoint and then we let our voices be heard because that's what we deserve. Don't let your chance to vote go to waste.

3. One vote can make a difference.

Don't ever think that your one vote doesn't matter among the 60+ million voters in the country. One single vote can change the electoral's fate, be it in the municipal or national level. We say, take the risk as you might be the change the country has been waiting for.

4. Think of the people whose lives can be affected.

You might think you're better off if you stop voting, but what are you going to do about the rest of the Filipinos who are more than affected by the country's ugly reality? Don't say you don't care, because selfishness is not you. Making an effort to vote for the most suitable candidates is the least that you can do. It may not change the world as a whole, but it can change the people living in it.

5. Change starts with you.

While you refuse to use your right to vote, you come at us complaining about your dissatisfaction at how your fellow citizens used theirs which you believed led the country to this never-changing system. Sorry, you can't do that. You can't hold other people accountable for whatever's happening that's contrary to how you visualize it to be. You should have done your part then. Voting doesn't guarantee progress but it can be a good start.


You may think that there's nothing you can do to help our country be a better place to live in. Except there is. So this coming Election Day, don't ever think of sleeping in. Instead, let your right to vote work its magic, and you might just be surprised. There is hope, after all!

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