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Love Actually: 12 Years After Winning A DZMM Couple Contest, These Lovers Retell Their Moving Tale

Love Actually: 12 Years After Winning A DZMM Couple Contest, These Lovers Retell Their Moving Tale

You don't have to see love to believe it—you just have to feel it. And in Enrique and Rowena Vista's story, one that's already being chronicled for 13 years and counting, they told a love that had everyone tuned in on the radio all ears. The two joined a contest on ABS-CBN’s AM station DZMM called “Once Upon A Heart,” which sought the couple with the best love story to tell. Among 10 pairs, Enrique and Rowena won the contest and got a free romantic date as their prize.

What made the couple's love story stand out was its main characters—Enrique has a disability, Rowena had no issues with it for she loved him unconditionally. Enrique's situation, however, limited the couple to mostly stay at home, which then led to him hearing that radio plug that would eventually get their touching story known.

"Nung narinig ko yung plug ng 'Todo Todo, Walang Preno,' isinulat ko yung buhay pag-ibig namin. Sabi ko, baka chance ko na yun... na matupad yung parang laging biro nya (Rowena) na ma-date ko man lang sya kahit minsan," Enrique recalled. "Sa awa ng Diyos, isa kami sa sampoung tinawagan para padaluhin at i-de-date yung asawa mo. Laking pasasalamat (ko). Nabigyan ko talaga sya ng bulaklak."

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"Once Upon A Heart" hit the air 12 years ago. In 2019, Enrique and Rowena have remained together to prove what may be a rare romance for the lot who likes to judge from what's on the outside. A week after Valentine's Day this year, the two got treated to a surprise redo of their momentous date from years back—and even read each other letters that only illustrated pure love.

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