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STYLE DUEL: Who Looks More Dapper, 'APEC Hotties' Justin or Enrique?

STYLE DUEL: Who Looks More Dapper, 'APEC Hotties' Justin or Enrique? Photos

It seems the distraction is so glaring, even if we had suffered endless walks without getting a ride or being stuck in traffic for hours as part of the Asia Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit, which is currently being held in Manila, with world leaders in attendance.

Yes, indeed, Filipinos have again looked beyond these difficult predicaments and made themselves smiling and happy, or in this case, for the ladies, euphoric with the arrival of two insanely good looking heads of state, Justin Trudeau of Canada and Enrique Pena Nieto of Mexico.

Never mind if Trudeau faces a local backlash on the dumping of Canadian waste into the Philippines or Nieto still being embroiled in corruption scandals back home and the missing 43 students, presumed dead, who had protested against his questionable tenure.

In fact, a hashtag had trended on Twitter since the eve of the APEC Economic Leader's Meeting, the viral #APECHotties. Talaga naman ang Pinoy!

Here are some embedded screams from the Twitterverse!

As this "distraction" has even made headlines, and its trending nature surely shows how we tend to look at the brighter (or should we say dapper) side of things despite all the hardship, let's take this distraction further and have you pick among these political heartthrobs the one who has the upper hand in terms of style and fashion--all from the look on their faces to the suits or outfits they wear.

Make your choice!




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