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In Focus: Why Every Girl Needs A Missandei In Their Life

In Focus: Why Every Girl Needs A Missandei In Their Life



Game of Thrones has bred a set of strong female characters who inspire us to be our most fearless selves. From claiming crowns and killing enemies to fighting with swords and riding dragons (plus every snappy comeback in between,) the women of Westeros have been nothing but empowering through the years. But one girl has quietly captured us, not by saving the entirety of the Seven Kingdoms, but with her brilliant mind and fierce loyalty.

Missandei serves as Daenerys' handmaiden whose evolution from a slave to the Queen's free-thinking confidant has turned her into the kind of girl we'd want to have in our corner IRL. 

If you've already watched #GOTS8E4, *spoiler alert!* Missandei's gruesome demise must have left you heartbroken. And in tribute to our multi-lingual home girl, here are all the reasons why Missandei is the best friend anyone—especially a queen—could ever have.

1. Her loyalty is priceless.

We first met Missandei as a translator of Kraznys, a slave trader in Astapor. When Daenerys came to the city to "buy" the Unsullied army, she asked for Missandei to be given as a gift to her. Dany warned the Naarth native of the consequences of being her handmaiden which may include death in the wars to come. But she fiercely said, "Valar Morghulis," meaning "All men must die," to which Dany replied, "But we are not men."

Since then, Missandei has stayed loyal to her Queen, and there was never a moment when she regretted standing by her side no matter how tough or threatening their journey has gotten.

2. She's smart.

Missandei speaks 19 languages including Valyrian, Dothraki, and the common tongue of Westeros. This alone proves that she's more than a slave which is probably why Dany favored her when they first met. Once she was freed, she has become the free-thinking woman we now know her as. 

3. She's the definition of a trusty confidant.

After seeing and experiencing things from the ground up, Missandei has a whole different perspective from Dany. Add her trustworthiness into the mix, and you've got a full-fledged, girl-in-your-corner advisor. She's no longer just Dany's handmaiden; she belongs in her inner circle, and her opinions matter. But aside from politics, Dany and Missandei's points of discussions are also on a personal level, like gushing over the latter's rendezvous with her beau, Greyworm!


4. Her friendship with Dany radiates "girls support girls" energy.

In a world dominated by men, Dany fought her way to claim what's rightfully hers. And standing on her side is Missandei which brings us back to their "we are not men" mantra. No matter how tough we are when it comes to conquering life, it's always comforting and even more empowering that another female has your back!

5. She's brave until the end.

From being in the frontline of dangerous situations since Season 3 all the way to being captured by Cersei in King's Landing in the latest episode, Missandei has endured it all. She has come a long way from being enslaved to being a warrior in her own right. In the face of death, she still proved that she will always be empowered by Dany and her genuine belief in her. #Dracarys.

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