In Focus: Pia Wurtzbach Encourages You To Post 100 Selfies—As Long As It's For The 'Right Reasons'

In Focus: Pia Wurtzbach Encourages You To Post 100 Selfies—As Long As It's For The 'Right Reasons'

Oh, how selfies have dominated the digital age. With more and more filters and beauty apps that show up in the tech market each year, it's easy to say selfies are a global phenomenon. While there are some people who admittedly take selfies for #feedgoals, vanity, and gratification, Pia Wurtzbach believes that before taking that snap, you should examine your motivations for doing so.

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“I think, first, you have to ask yourself, ‘Am I asking for validation?’ ‘Is it for all the wrong reasons?’ I’m all for you doing whatever makes you happy so if you like posting a hundred selfies of yourself and that makes you happy, go for it,” she told ABS-CBN Lifestyle at the launch of the Huawei P30 series held in Manila recently.

All is well, our beloved Miss Universe 2015 explained, as long as your selfie shows the real, well, you. “If you’re over-editing your photos and it doesn’t look like you anymore then you know you’re doing it the wrong way. Dapat you go easy on the filters, you go easy on the editing,” she said, comparing over-editing with cosmetic surgery. “Parang going under the knife lang 'yan. It’s okay, but don’t overdo it. It still has to look like you.”

No one's selfie is perfect, Pia stressed, with the many available apps ready to hide your flaws and imperfections. So, don't fret as this will only lead you to the rabbit hole of social media evny. “It’s not a reflection of reality. Huwag nating isipin na, ‘Oh my gosh, may mga perfect na tao and I’ll never be like them."

Hence, don't let others' selfies be your standard of beauty, the beauty queen-actress-host said. “I can see that happening kasi when you take a selfie, it’s usually through a certain angle, giving the illusion na smaller face, oval, malaking mata. Palaging ganun so ‘yun yung nagiging definition of beauty na dapat malaki yung mata, tapos full hair,"  she observed. “People have to be aware that selfies cannot be the definition of beauty. You can look at a nice selfie and appreciate it, but it’s not the definition of beauty. It’s not what’s posted on Instagram.” 

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For Pia, real beauty is something a selfie can only capture if it reflects what's deep within. "No matter how much makeup I put on—even if I have a glam team na can make me look pretty—if wala ako sa mood and I’m not happy deep inside, it will still show,” she opened up. “To me, if you’re truly happy and you’re glowing and kita ng mga tao na ‘Oh my gosh, blooming ka!’ because of happiness, ‘yun yung maganda. That’s real beauty.”

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