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In Focus: Why We Are "Suckers" For Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner's Relationship

In Focus: Why We Are


What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas—well, except for Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner's wedding! That's right, the couple didn't even let us breathe after wilding hard at this year's Billboard Music Awards as in less than two hours later, we're already hearing the news of them officially exchanging "I dos" and putting the "ring pops" on it. Bend the knee, because Joe and Sophie just has the most surprising nuptials of 2019!

This makes all three Jonases officially wedded now. And while our childhood fantasies have been crushed, we can't help but feel happy for Jophie! They began dating in 2016, got engaged in 2017, and proven that they're made for each other in 2019. Now, this is an S.O.S: We want a relationship like Sophie and Joe's, too, and we have our reasons all listed down below!

1. They're not boring

These newlyweds definitely know how to have fun whether it be by attending parties, trolling the internet, or outdoing the paparazzi. We stan their sense of humor!

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2. They're supportive of each other.

Sophie and Joe never fail to gush about each other's projects—Game of Thrones and the Jonas Brothers comeback being the most recent. It's safe to say that Sophie is the biggest Jonatic, and Joe is a hardcore Sansa stan! 

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3. They're both doing great in their careers

The two continue to have a good run in ther respective careers. Besides GoT, Sophie's set to make a powerful comeback in X-Men: Dark Phoenix, while Joe and his bros will go on a world tour. Both being in the industry and having an understanding of it works, falling-out sure won't be a problem, right?

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4. They're not loud.

Sophie is with Joe, and Joe is with Sophie. That's it. The two feel it unnecessary to prove anything to anyone because well, they don't need to. One thing they're just prone to is proclaiming how lucky they are to have each other. But the rest of the deets, they keep it to themselves. We'll love them just the same!

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5. They taught each other self-love.

How does it feel to be with someone who makes you feel safe and unjudged? For Sophie, it convinces her to love herself a bit more and be happy. That, people, we believe is what makes a relationship the real deal.

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6. They're in good terms with in-laws and friends.

When it comes to family or squad gatherings, the duo knows how to get along with the Jonases and Turners, and we can't ignore that piece of information. Once your partner gets an invite, you already know it's a seal of approval. Well done, Jophie!

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7. They're cool together.

Apart from their fashion choices, just the fact that they tied the knot right after a big musical event by an Elvis Presley impersonator, having Dan & Shay to sing their wedding song, and with the ceremony livestreamed on Diplo's Instastory already make them the coolest couple ever. We think we can use this now: This is Sophie and Joe's world, and we're all just living in it.

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What Joe and Sophie have is true love, and they know well enough not to wait another day to throw a wedding celebration. We can only imagine how happy and lucky they feel right now to call each other husband and wife. Best wishes to Mr. and Mrs. Jonas!

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