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In Focus: DOT Launches A More Focused, Sustainable Campaign With '#MoreFunForever'

In Focus: DOT Launches A More Focused, Sustainable Campaign With '#MoreFunForever'

Taking away from Boracay’s successful rehabilitation in 2018, the Department of Tourism (DOT) has launched yet another initiative that looks to continue its success on a much bigger scale, focusing more on the preservation and maintenance of the country’s natural resources. It promotes inclusivity and sustainability between stakeholders in the tourism industry, and its local communities while keeping the beauty of the Philippines’ for the generations to come. A strong urge for Filipinos—tourists and businesses alike—to take part in making sustainable tourism part of the fun, forever.

Aiming to capture the country’s commitment to preserving its destinations and eco-tourism, the Department has yet again spearheaded an effort worthy of all of our support and here’s what you need to know about the #MoreFunForever campaign.

Change is possible 

Boracay’s successful rehabilitation served as a resounding wake up call, not only on the importance of putting nature first, but also the possibility of actually effecting change in the community. As seen in the changes implemented in Boracay, both locals and tourists have become more conscious about following its rules. Not to mention, that businesses as well, have been in strict compliance with the new ordinances by the local government, such as the ban on single use plastics, the “No accreditation, no operations” rule, and the “25+5” easement rule on the white beach.

DOT ASec Howie Uyking with DOT USec Art Boncato

A nationwide effort 

With the fruits of Boracay’s efforts already being felt, its influence has now radiated to other primary destinations as well, namely El Nido in Palawan, Panglao in Bohol, Siargao, Sagada, and Baguio.

Being that these places receive countless tourists on the regular, its respective local governments, along with the DOT, have now increased its efforts in making sure that the proper management and enforcement of responsible tourism will be observed, as a way of protecting the environment, as well as preventing any incidences of detriment and harm to both nature, and its tourists.

Locals in Boracay in attendance of the #MoreFunForever launch

Inclusivity and sustainability in the community 

One of the main focuses of this campaign is to be inclusive to local communities through a sustainable model of cooperation and commerce between the bigger businesses in the tourism industry, and the locals. An example of this is the DOT’s encouragement for Boracay’s businesses to prioritize hiring locals instead, as well as the sourcing of local products, materials, and supplies. The Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) has even come in to support this initiative by offering free skills training to workers and residents of the island.

Locally-made products from Boracay

Long-term positive impact for tourism

With tourism being a major contributor to the economy, the decision to build on sustainability and the preservation of the environment presents itself to be both an economical and a moral benefit to the country. And seeing how this initiative should be adopted as a continuous practice, that will also lead to tourists seeing the Philippines in a new light, it makes sense that the #MoreFunForever movement will continue to carry on in the long run. 

Taking one significant step at a time, DOT nudges Filipinos to be at the forefronts of sustainable tourism, and to set exemplary acts that create impact to not just the Philippines, but also abroad. This is keeping in mind that the extra efforts made today will be create resounding benefits for the future generations. 

“As a people, we’ve been recognized as hospitable, friendly and warm; our genuine smiles are a key part of why things are definitely more fun in the Philippines. Still, it is a great and serious responsibility that we share – the stewardship of these wonderful destinations. It’s on us to ensure all our natural wonders stay more fun, forever,'" DOT Secretary Bernadette Romulo-Puyat vowed.

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