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In Focus: Moments Only Broke K-Pop Fangirls Would Understand

In Focus: Moments Only Broke K-Pop Fangirls Would Understand


One of the best things about being a K-pop fangirl is the feeling that you're a personally a part of your idols' rise to stardom. From continuously streaming their songs to buying every official merchandise they release, you wouldn't want to miss any chance of supporting them. But, sometimes, circumstances just don't agree with us. Unfortunately, there would be moments when you just couldn't spend a single peso on them because, well, you're broke.

Of course, your faves would definitely understand if you would focus on your other expenses first. But even if this is the case, it still feels hard to be a broke fangirl when all you want to do is hoard K-pop merch! So to all the broke diehard stans out there, this is our way of telling you that you're not alone—here are the things that only you can relate to!

1. Buying unofficial merchandise

As much as you want to collect and buy every official merchandise of your favorite K-pop group, sometimes, your wallet just says no. So that's where the unofficial merch sellers come in—people who sell notebooks, pens, jackets, accessories, and basically anything with your fave's names or faces on them. Well, if the quality is good, then there's nothing wrong with buying unofficial ones to add to your collection! 

2. Joining #TeamBahay during concerts

One of the saddest parts of being a broke fangirl is being #TeamBahay when your faves are just performing in an arena near you. It's because you know that no matter how much you try to save, you just can't because of your limited school allowance or the bills you have to pay as a young adult. Either way, you still want to watch them perform, so you just rely on the other fans' livestream where you can still feel like you're there even if you're just sitting in front of your laptop while waving your lightstick.

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3. Streaming their songs and album online

The core of helping your fave group reach success is by buying their albums to make sure that they top the charts with their digital and physical sales. But there are times when you couldn't buy any of their albums due to the fact that you're broke, that's why you just turn to Spotify or even Melon to help their streaming count. You also play their music videos on loop to help in breaking YouTube records!

4. Printing your own photocards for your photobook

Having your own photocards is a necessity in every K-pop fangirl's life, that's why this type of merch is always included in their albums. But, you can't always get our hands on those pricey albums, so all you can do is just print your own. Although it's true that the official photocards still hold a different feeling especially when you get your bias' PC, but you just got to do what you got to do to fill up your photobook!

5. Making sure you show your support online 

Since you don't have enough money to show your support to your faves, you just put all of your energy in cheering for them online. Whether it's a performance in an award show or a guesting in a variety show, you would be there helping your fandom tweet nonstop to make your faves trend to the point that, sometimes, you don't sleep enough just so you won't miss a beat when the fandom would need your help!

Still, even if you're a broke fangirl, remember that you're still important in the fandom. Your faves love all of you equally, so you don't have to go overboard into spending just to prove that you're a real fan. As long as you're showing effort into seeing them succeed, then that's already good enough!

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