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Cheat Sheet: Five Fresh Ways To Prep For Your First Date

Cheat Sheet: Five Fresh Ways To Prep For Your First Date

Love is in the air—and so is the pressure. Have you found the perfect outfit yet? The perfect makeup? The perfect pair of shoes? In our heads, everything has to be perfect. But sometimes, in our attempt to create ~perfection~, we tend to overspend on things we don’t really need and overlook what we already have.

Yes, dating season may be a (very) good reason to spoil and pamper yourselves. And while that sounds so great and fun, it can also get pretty costly—but it doesn’t have to be! If you want to prepare for your big date without breaking the bank, just keep scrolling!

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CLOTHES: Channel your inner “organizing guru.”

Still on the lookout for the perfect dating outfit? You might want to start re-organizing your closet first and see if you’ve been keeping date night outfits out of sight. That way, you get to fix your closet and find yourself a "hidden" treasure. The best part? You don’t have to spend anything (at all) for your outfit!

MAKEUP: Find new makeup inspos.

Have you been doing the same makeup routine? Maybe it’s time to try something different and look for new makeup inspos! For starters, you can research on the latest makeup trends or even watch your favorite beauty vloggers. But if you’re really feeling (extra) creative, you can always experiment and create a unique look!

NAILS: Do your own mani-pedi if you must.

We know we’re all too busy—with work, with chores, with errands—that we can’t seem to squeeze in enough time for our nail spa appointment. If that’s the case, remember that you can always do it on your own! Yup, it’s time to bring out your best-kept nail care tools and do your own mani-pedi! 

SKIN: Don’t (ever) forget about your skincare regimen.

There’s nothing like religiously following your skincare regimen especially when date night is just around the corner. We know you already have a lot on your mind, so think of this tip as a way to avoid unnecessary stress caused by bad breakouts!

HAIR: Use products that will give you fresh and dandruff-free hair!

Who would want to go on a date sporting some, well, dandruff? That’s like one of the scariest stories ever told! So this year, make sure you come to your date prepared by using a shampoo that will take your worries away, like CLEAR with Total 5 Scalp Freshness. It won’t just give you fresher hair; it will also help you fight the common scalp problems like dandruff, itch, grease, dirt, and residue. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost a fortune!

There you have it—5 fresh (and budget-friendly!) ways to prepare for your big date. You don’t even have to spend a lot just to look and feel great; you just have to #DareToGetFresher and try something different come date night!

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