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The Six Fix: The Flirtiest JenLisa Moments At BLACKPINK's Concert

The Six Fix: The Flirtiest JenLisa Moments At BLACKPINK's Concert


From GD and TOP of BIGBANG to B.I. and Bobby of iKON, YG Entertainment is widely popular for having a rap duo in each of their groups.  And when it comes to the biggest K-pop girl group BLACKPINK, we have Jennie Kim and Lalisa Manoban A.K.A. JenLisa who unconsciously grew their fair share of fans-turned-shippers across the BLINK fandom.

Yup, you read it right. These two have their own shippers not just because of their iconic rap lines together, but also because of their skyrocketing chemistry that makes them look so cute together! Some even reached the point of shipping them as a couple, and we couldn't find anything wrong with that since these two obviously enjoy teasing us with flirty moments on stage! Here, we listed down the most kilig JenLisa moments from BLACKPINK's concert:

1. When Lisa didn't let go of Jennie...

These two always enjoy giving each other hugs, especially unexpected ones. During the part in their "Kiss and Make Up" performance where they were supposed to be sitting down, Lisa suddenly gave Jennie a backhug and didn't let go of her even when they already sat down. With Jennie's expression, it's obvious that she's pleasantly surprised!


2. When Jennie boasted that Lisa kissed her...

It looks like JenLisa really can't get enough of each other. WhenJennie put her arm around Lisa, the latter immediatelly took this as a cue to kiss her on the cheek twice! And since Jennie is as flirty as Lisa, she made an expression like she's telling the world that the Lalisa Manoban kissed her twice. Okay, JenLisa, we get it, you're obsessed with each other!  

3. When they did the sexiest "Kiss and Make Up" move...

The choreography for their single "Kiss and Make Up" is already something every BLINK wants to learn because of how simple yet sexy it is. Since the chorus is the only choreographed part, Jennie got the idea to dance with Lisa during her solo part, and it's totally something that made us fall on our chairs because of how adorably mischievous they are! 

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4. When Jisoo got surprised with their flirty moment...

It's definitely not new for us to see these two teasing each other in every way possible at their concert, but this moment is absolutely something none of us expected. During their "As If It's Your Last" performance, Jennie was supposed to sit on Lisa and Jisoo's lap, but she instead sat on Lisa's lap only and hugged her which in return made Lisa kiss Jennie's neck. And obviously, we're not the only ones who were surprised since Jisoo clearly didn't expect these two will go this far! 

5. When Jennie bit Lisa's finger...

Jennie once who couldn't stop herself from biting Lisa's finger when Lisa tried to give her a flying kiss during their "Kiss and Make Up' performance. Lisa showed she was hurt by the bite, but in the end the two just laughed it off like it's already a normal JenLisa thing!

6. When Lisa hugged and carried Jennie...

Besides being goofy and lively onstage, the two showed that their sweetness also happen offstage during their send-off with fans after the concert. While they were saying their goodbyes to their BLINKs, Jennie put her arms around Lisa and hugged her, Lisa then carried her like they were a couple. Everyone felt giddy and took their chance to shout their love for the ship. We bet no one's going to move on from it!

We know that JenLisa are just gal pals having the best kind of fun with their fans. You can call us "delulu," but, deep inside, we're all for Jennie and Lisa's extra friendship!

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