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In Focus: 5 Of Arya Stark's Most Savage Kills In "Game Of Thrones"

In Focus: 5 Of Arya Stark's Most Savage Kills In


For almost a decade now, we've seen how much each character in "Game of Thrones" has evolved. But, at this point, it seems that one of them has exceeded our expectations in the most exceptional of ways, and it's none other than Arya Stark.

From beating her brothers at archery, standing up against Joffrey, to honing her skills at wielding a sword, young Arya from Season 1 has always had a flame in her. And as she gets separated from her family, the Stark girl has found herself in various circumstances that pushed her toughen up, and, well, put her sword to use.

We've seen her tick off names from her must-kill list, become a girl with many faces, and eventually return home to her siblings in Winterfell as a grown woman and a cold-blooded assassin. And in the much awaited Battle in Winterfell, Arya made her most savage kill of all.

Here, we give you a rundown of Arya's five most brutal yet satisfying kills in Game of Thrones. If you haven't caught up on the third episode of Season 8 yet, be warned that the last one is a major spoiler!

1. The Waif

In Season 5 and 6, we remember Arya being in the House of Black and White, training to become a Faceless Man. But after she realized that she didn't want to assassinate the innocent, Arya decides to leave. But the waif, who has always had a negative opinion towards Arya, plotted to kill her. After a tensed chase around Braavos, Arya was able to lead the waif to her hideout and ended up triumphantly killing her in the dark. Yas, a girl just did that!

2. Meryn Trant

Meryn Trant was loyal to the Lannisters who has allegedly killed Arya's swordfighting mentor, Syrio Ferel, and carried out Joffrey's orders whenever he wanted to torture Sansa. In Season 5, Arya, who has already learned to become a Faceless Man, disguised as one of Meryn Trant's hired prostitutes. As soon as Arya revelead her true identity, she stabs his eyes and slits his throat, saying that she's doing it for Syrio Ferel. A morbid scene, yes, but satisying, ain't it?

3. Walder Frey

The Red Wedding has scarred us for life after the Starks were betrayed by the Freys and were massacred mercilessly. Seriously, in what world do the heros get instantly killed? Since then, we've despised Walder Frey to our very core. And, finally, Arya got to avenge the death of her mother and brother. Posing as a maid to kill Walder and later on as Walder himself to kill their entire clan, our girl opened Season 7 in the most bada** way ever!

4. Petyr Baelish

Perhaps the most cunning character in the series, Lord Baelish has always been the pest that we all wanted to get rid of. From getting the Lannister to turn against Ned to manipulating Sansa and selling her off to the Boltons, he's utterly our most hated player in the game. But when the Stark siblings found out that he's been turning Sansa and Arya against each other, justice was served by Arya, nonetheless, as he slits Littlefinger's throat without even blinking.

5. The Night King

We ain't going to beat around the bush—Arya's most epic kill—or pehaps, the most epic kill yet in the entire show—is the King of the Dead. After more than an hour of nail-biting, heart-racing, hopeless fight scenes between the living and the dead, Arya saves the day as she destroys the Night King with a swift move. All hail the defender of the Seven Kingdoms, Arya Stark of Winterfell. Not today, God of Death, not today!

With three episodes left of Game of Thrones, we're still rooting for Arya to continue her savage streak. Cersei next, perhaps?

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