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In Focus: These 12 Artists Dream Of Collaborating With Taylor Swift—Will She Say Yes?

In Focus: These 12 Artists Dream Of Collaborating With Taylor Swift—Will She Say Yes?


We're sorry, Taylor Swift can't come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, 'cause she's too busy answering her long list of collaboration calls. Anything she touches turns to gold hits, so, of course, everybody would want to work with her. A global influencer, an incredible songwriter and performer, and an award-winning pop icon with 23 Grammy wins—even us would beg for her time and attention.

Tay is no stranger to collaborations, though, for in her musical catalog already lies the names of Ed Sheeran, Future, HAIM, Boys Like Girls, Kendrick Lamar, and Zayn. And a string of possible alliances continue to brew around the corner in hopes that it will turn out as how it did for Brendon Urie who just got recruited in Taylor's comeback single "ME!"

Bet she still has a blank space in her discography to write other names. For Tay's reference, here are the artists she should consider. We know she can make the best choice for herself.

1. Iggy Azalea

First things first, Taylor is Iggy's girl crush since 2014 and deems her "badass," and these are the only reasons she need to fancy a collaboration.

2. Backstreet Boys

AJ, Howie, Nick, Brian, and Kevin have been in the scene for 26 years now, but there's still one collaboration they're still wanting to get. Get down, Tay, and make that song that's larger than life!

3. LANY's Paul Klein

The internet went crazy when Paul came up with the idea of working with T. Swift, and he thinks that together they can make the world cry. We'd love to get our hearts hurt so good again, just so you know.

4. Niall Horan

During his Instagram Q&A sesh, the Directioner said that he would love to collaborate with Taylor, and here's hoping he isn't asking too much.

5. French Montana

The rapper has worked with several big stars and is now looking to a possible pairing with Tay. Wouldn't it be great to hear them combine the magic of pop and rap music?

6. Aerosmith's Steven Tyler

This is a thing you don't wanna miss: Steven is a huge Swiftie. They've done a stage together in 2015, but it's still not enough. Writing a song with the pop star remains on his wish list!

7. The Vamps

The whole Taylor-collaboration thing is also what this British boy band desires because of how much the songstress has inspired their journey. We've got high hopes for this!

8. Troye Sivan

What if Troye and Taylor make a song with each other? He admires her as a writer and has performed with her live during her Reputation Tour, what possible could be there if they make it happen? Nothing!

9. Drake

Tay's fellow Grammy-winner is also down to work in the studio with her, and we believe it's only right for these two music royalties to do it.

10. Selena Gomez

These BFFs have been in talks to do a musical piece together but haven't really gotten the ball rolling just yet. Eventually they will, right? At least, that's what Sel said. So if you're ready Tay, come and get it.

11. Katy Perry

Bad blood between Katy and Tay is finally over, so now the American Idol judge is saying she's open for collaboration. This feels like living our teenage dream all over again!

12. Panic! at the Disco's Brendon Urie

Hey look, he made it. From simply expressing how fun he thinks it would be to do a duet with Tay, here he is winning in life through the latter's first release for 2019, "ME!"

These pairings all seem worth hearing and maybe it's only a matter of time before Tay gives it a yes. Take note that the full TS7 album isn't released yet, and to think that there could be more collaborations other than Brendon in it is so much getting into us. Are you ready for it?

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