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In Focus: 'Maybe Not Now' But One Day, 2NE1 Will Reunite & The Members Are Giving Us Hope!

In Focus: 'Maybe Not Now' But One Day, 2NE1 Will Reunite & The Members Are Giving Us Hope!


To this day, we still haven't gotten the 2NE1 reunion we've been itching for, and maybe tomorrow or next week we still won't. Who knows how many 2NE1-less years await us? But this you should repeat to yourself everyday first thing in the morning to keep your Blackjack spirit alive: CL, Minzy, Dara, and Bom getting back together is inevitable, because, well, it is and it better be.

Don't be let down by Sandara saying "now" might not be the right time for them to come back home to each other, after all they're just getting started with their own careers. The last thing we want is for them to rush things just for the sake of us even if they're not ready. Let's not be selfish. It's not a matter of how long we'll wait again, it's a matter of believing it will happen. Luckily, our hopes are us high as the 2NE1 girls'. Check out all the times they've proven that a reunion isn't so impossible!

1. Upon hearing that many aspiring artists auditioned with 2NE1 songs at her new variety show Stage K, it made Dara wonder, will 2NE1 be able to reunite after a long time? She really is the president of our reunion summoning circle!

2. Didn't you get excited when legendary K-Pop group H.O.T announced their reunion last year? Minzy sure did, and it stirred her desire for the same fate to happen to 2NE1. In an interview she said, "I think we will get a chance one day. When that time comes it will be amazing."

3. While working on her US debut, CL has also spoken about how much she would be happy to reunite with her girls. She knows that they all have to agree if it really comes into being and just in case you want them to sing "Fire," kween said they'll "have to be fit." "As you know, our songs are hard to sing, and the choreography is hard-hitting. I’ll be ready.”

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4. Bom recently kickstarted her return with new album Spring but a 2NE1 reunion is already in her mind. Though she believes it's good for them to take their time with their individual promotions, she still wants them to reunite especially if given the chance.

5. Bom tapping Dara for the "Spring" collaboration definitely feeds our hope. This BFF reunion certainly revived our Blackjack hearts! They're taking it one step at a time, how about that?

6. Perhaps the greatest grounds for our aspirations are hailed from all the times they've had mini reunions through a song, a vacation, or just by a random meeting in Manila.

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7. Lastly, Dara, Bom, CL, and Minzy supporting each other's projects basically echoes what they said following their 2016 disbandment: "We will always be 2NE1.And you will always be our loyal, supportive, and loving Blackjacks." *grabs tissue*

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Bottom line is: a 2NE1 reunion lies in the hands of our girls. Maybe not now, but it will happen naturally anytime, anywhere. Don't try to rush things or even to try to wrong our little traces of hope. As what Dara, Bom, CL, and Minzy taught us: can't nobody hold us down!

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