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For Sneakerheads, It's More Than Just a Passion for Shoes

For Sneakerheads, It's More Than Just a Passion for Shoes
BANNER PHOTO: Here is a peek of exclusive releases that will be made available during Sole Academy’s Sneaker Carnival on November 29 at Mall of Asia Open Grounds.

Admit it: Not everyone is familiar with the term sneakerhead.

Being a sneakerhead is often likened to other hobbies: those that deal with expensive items (in this case sneakers) that have questionable long-term value, and those that remain closely knitted with their fellow enthusiasts talking a lot about their passion and interests. In fact, sneakerheads are often noted to be elitists and very flashy with their latest shoes.

Yet it is a misconception to call sneakerheads a show-off or being opulent; they are a community that promotes camaraderie from different classes, and also help out those who are in need. Come to think of it, being a sneakerhead goes beyond the shoes itself.

To cite a few examples, various local sneakerhead groups spearheaded efforts in providing aid to victims of typhoon Yolanda in 2013 through both money and relief goods. Fellow Filipino sneakerheads were more than willing to lend a helping hand to the victims by letting aside the usual sneaker show-off and participate in relief packing and visiting affected communities to personally deliver relief goods to affected residents.

Other sneakerhead groups would hold a charity basketball game, where players brought in donations to be given to their charity of choice [read sneakerhead Jayvee Nacario’s charity basketball game story here]. In addition, some would hold fundraising drives once in a while to help out public schools like Laon Laan Elementary school, and Cribs Foundation. Even retailer stores like Sole Academy is also giving back to the community with their 10K DaSH (Donate-a-Shoe) event, stepping things up by donating footwear, both old and new, to their charity of choice.

Sole Academy will launch the initiative during the upcoming Sneaker Carnival, a first-of-its-kind gathering in Asia of these sneaker enthusiasts, at the Mall of Asia Open Grounds on November 29.

“[The 10K DaSH] is an opportunity to give back to our brothers and sisters in need of a helping hand, or in this case, a helping shoe,” Sole Academy Marketing director Carlo Trillo said.

With efforts coming from various local sneakerhead groups and Sole Academy, being a sneakerhead is about inspiring others, and lending a helping hand at the same time. “At the end of the day, it’s always about being the best in class and the greatest version of yourself for others,” said Trillo.




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