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In Focus: Get That Summer Glow You’ve Always Wanted With This Mineral-Packed Cleanser!

In Focus: Get That Summer Glow You’ve Always Wanted With This Mineral-Packed Cleanser!

It’s bikini season once again! To prep for it, you must have been going hard at the gym to get into prime swimsuit shape. But keep in mind: it’s not just about your figure! One way to make an impression in your bikini is glowing skin. Here are four ways to make it glow like the sun to complete your summer look!

Eat a healthy plate, then hydrate. Take care of your skin from within by eating and drinking right. Vegetables and fruits compose the glow part of “Go, Glow, and Grow”, so load up on these daily. Green veggies and anything rich in vitamin C (oranges, mangoes, strawberries, and blueberries to name a few) will allow your skin to reach its maximum glow potential. Mushrooms, soy, and cocoa are other foods you should consider incorporating in your diet. After downing your food, drink lots of water! This will keep you and your skin hydrated, flushing toxins away and keeping wrinkles at bay.

SPF is key. Yes, you want to glow like the sun, but the sun may be the one stopping you from doing so. Sun exposure the ultimate kontrabida to your glowing goals because it can cause significant damage to your skin. This is why SPF is key, so slather yourself with a product that has at least SPF 30. Shield your face and body before leaving home every day!

Pass up on hot baths. We know hot baths or showers feel good. What’s not good is how they strip your skin of natural oils. Keep hot baths quick—or opt for cool showers instead—to protect your glow. But if you must, especially on cold mornings, use moisturizing skin oil to combat the dryness.

Play with clay. For your face to reveal its glow, you must first relieve it of dirt and other impurities. The new Pond’s Mineral Clay Facial Foam can help you do that with its deep cleaning properties. It’s made of 100% natural origin Moroccan mineral clay and other minerals that nourish your skin, giving you that super bouncy glow!

With all of these, you’ll definitely be ready for summer. Because glowing is not all about your summer bod, it’s also about your summer skin!

The Pond’s Mineral Clay Facial Foam comes in three variants: Pure White, White Beauty, and Clear Solutions. To purchase the product, click herehere, and here.

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