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#ChalkFollowsVani: Vani Vergara Shares 3 Simple Tips On How You Can Save The Ocean

#ChalkFollowsVani: Vani Vergara Shares 3 Simple Tips On How You Can Save The Ocean


When we hear the word 'ocean,' the first thing that comes to mind is the fun activities we could do when we're there like swimming, scuba diving, and snorkling. But what if these activities lose their purpose when there's no more clean and lively waters to explore anymore? We tend to miss the bigger picture when it comes to what really matters the most—taking care of Mother Earth.

Yes, we already know that we should dispose our trash properly and not litter any bodies of water. But these are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to keeping our ocean safe and clean. That's why we're thankful to have people who have dedicated their lives in protecting the ocean, and one of them is PR girl turned full-time ocean nerd Vani Vergara. 

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During our one-on-one video interview with her, Vani proved that she lives by what she preaches. Here, she shares three easy tips on how we can take part in the fight to save our oceans. Make sure to take notes!

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